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  1. rosemary

    rosemary New Member

    i am obedient,respectful and honest slave,i am 24/7 full slave ready to be used and own as your properties and i am ready to relocate and come over to you master,i shall treat you well and surrender all my body to you,let me have your email so that we talk better master.
  2. Blue62

    Blue62 New Member

    pm sent
  3. Volkmem

    Volkmem New Member

    I am a 6YR Master but I do not have a Sub of my own.
    Will you be my sub? PM me. and lets get started.
  4. rosemary

    rosemary New Member

    I found a new master, his name is (MasterKix) he stays in Egypt.he is very handsome,he look so cute when he smile,i love his good set of teeth.he is so nice and fact i have never seen a kind of master so nice to me in my life.he showed me love and caring,he made me realized how much he love me and i will never disobey hime.i will always love him till my dying day.

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