Puppy's Piercings

Discussion in 'Your own pics and movies (Home-made BDSM)' started by PuppyPuppyPuppy, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. lost.soul07

    lost.soul07 New Member

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    love the piercings, very hot!! how long have you had them done?? i want to get mine done, how painful was it??
  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    as i said before, very very nice. ;)

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    i got them done in May... They never really stopped oozing (sorry, I don't have a less disgusting descriptor) and it got worse when I got sick recently. Since I've gotten better they seem to have gotten better, too (no more oozing!). I also have a hood piercing and I would say the hood hurt more but the nipples were more difficult for me to get done because they do it twice in a row. I have since learned that it can make the healing process go more smoothly if you get one nipple done and let it heal before piercing the other (I'm not sure about the validity of this, it's just what one piercer told me).

    I'm glad you like the pic, I'm nervous about the size difference in my breasts and Master is trying to help break me of that...


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    Lovely :)

    Wish I could afford to have a few more piercings, including my clit... :(
  5. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Your breasts are lovely, you have pretty skin, and the ornamentation only enhances them. I like rings - straight studs are nice too, but I really like the rings.

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    Very nice. :)
  7. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    i know its a twisted thought, but the rings make it look like you've got knockers for your knockers... i love rings, and your breasts are superb.. dont change a thing....
  8. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Beautiful! (I am drooling just a little bit) :p

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    LOL!!! Before I got the piercings I though that and it took me a while to get over it. I Love the piercing now though and I rarely tink about door knockers when I look at them. :)
  10. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

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    very nice picture

    thank you for posting !!
  11. penetrator

    penetrator New Member

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    nice my friend had her nips pierced they got infected and she had to redo them!
  12. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Gotta love youth.

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    Very very nice!!!

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    I've looked at your pic a couple of times now and haven't commented because I am super jealous that you are wearing a collar! I want one! :)

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