Puppy's Piercings

Discussion in 'Your own pics and movies (Home-made BDSM)' started by PuppyPuppyPuppy, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Silkensvelt

    Silkensvelt New Member

    Every woman's breasts are like that, just as every man's testicles are like that. One will always be slightly (yet noticeably) larger than the other. There's no need to be nervous, you are quite lovely. :)
  2. reloob

    reloob New Member

    Very nice PPP, any more to share with us:D
  3. carolina_sub

    carolina_sub New Member

    very very nice!!! Dont be nervous about your tits. They are perfect!
  4. TheBikeMan

    TheBikeMan New Member

    Indeed, lets see more!
  5. bigwillmanc

    bigwillmanc New Member

    nipples take ages to heal, they look great and your puppies do too, you have a beautiful body from what we can see
  6. ketansharma112233

    ketansharma112233 New Member

    Let me die for that
  7. Virgin Sub

    Virgin Sub New Member

    I love your collar; where did you get it?
  8. Love the rings! They look good. They seem to make your nipples look bigger. I like that!

    Being comfortable with your body can be hard (I struggle with it too) but its always something small that nobody notices or is normal. I learned that :)
  9. Prince M

    Prince M New Member

    Oh puppy they are so pretty, congrats!
  10. decoyicus

    decoyicus Member

    nice rings you have lovely nipples
  11. coollion

    coollion New Member

    Nice picture!!
  12. northiddom

    northiddom New Member

    This right here. Nuff said. Perfect.
  13. AnErieGuy

    AnErieGuy Member

    I love'em, so many.... mean, ideas come to mind and what I'd do to them provided I had persmission from your Master. Which I doubt would come easy, if at all! A prize you are indeed and I most concur, the collar is beautiful around that slender pale throat of your's, so yummy mixed with the view of your perfectly sized breasts. yum! ^.^
  14. fdxjettech

    fdxjettech New Member

    Very nice breasts and rings. MY wife just repierced her left nipple last night. I may peirce her right on this weekend. Your beautiful breasts have inspired me.
  15. Sub_Jet

    Sub_Jet New Member

    Very nice. Not to worry your breats are gorgeous.

    Makes me want to get mine done again.

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