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Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by heibang, May 4, 2015.

  1. heibang

    heibang Member

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    first let me say that i a long time here in board and i have much fun with this board

    but in the last time i have no fun!

    the reason is that i come of the side and 7-8 pop-ups open and this sides ar not
    so good.

    a few with virus and other things what i and all not need.

    and a few with cildporn and so on.

    why you controll not this spam sides and why is this happend for the board.

    in the past the board have never so much pop ups and spam.

    hope the board or the admin can change this.

    or controll what for spam is in the pops:(
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    You should PM this to the admin (dorei). They don't always read the forum, and as a moderator I actually can't make any of those changes. They probably would be especially glad to be warned about the CP. It would probably be more useful to hear it from a member than me.
  3. heibang

    heibang Member

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    thanks mod
    i will send this to the admin
  4. aswert

    aswert New Member

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    thanks mate...
  5. heibang

    heibang Member

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    hi admin
    hope you read this time that here.

    yesterday i have a big virus from one of the pop ups that here open if
    i or all click one link.
    one day it is one site that open an another day it is 6 or more sites and even
    this site with the virus.
    yesterday i have my fight with this virus to delete and i have works over one hour to delete this fucking site and the virus.
    please close this shit pop ups with the virus or with sites with childporn!!!
    have this sites here last time for 2 weeks ago.
    i have now dayly a fight with me to come of your site and forum or not.
    i beg you to delete this
    i like this forum here and i am very sad if i come never more here on this site!!
    hope you read this and you give a commet
    sorry that i write this but my privat Message to you has never become a answer from you
  6. heibang

    heibang Member

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    so sorry I am but I will from now no longer visit the page here.
    Unfortunately, no one is happy here responsible for the mess that happens here in the advertising pop ups.
    I'm tired deliver me with viruses and child pornography.
    Sorry admin or mod .it is a shame about this forum, which comes as the dogs.
    I for one, will steer clear of the site starting today
  7. susaward75

    susaward75 Member

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    the irritating issue of popups still persists. but i guess it is a necessary evil. The admin too needs the money to run the site

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