Online punishments?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by nsdnq, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. nsdnq

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    What are some good punishments that you can give a disobedient sub when things are still in the online correspondence phase? The whole situation becomes a lot more... delicate, when you don't have the physical presence. You know?

    While we're at it what are your favorite punishments on and offline?
  2. Rico

    Rico New Member

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    Generally speaking, I always find it hard to give such kind of advice when you don't know anything about either sub or Master.

    It depends if you have cam contact or not. If you do, you can do most anything you can do face to face. If you don't I would opt for humiliation. Forget about all things related to whippings, obviously, cos that is very hard to do well on oneself (though not entirely impossible). In the end it comes down to your and her preferences and where you want to lead her.
  3. Nuka

    Nuka Member

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    Make them keep a diary and set them tasks to do throughout the day, each day and they must provide evidence (pictures, video, etc) of them doing the tasks.

    Punishments can then be put in place for not doing something. I.e. not allowed to msturbate, have to go an evening without talking to you, having to do something degrading/embarressing.

    Use your imagination and go wild, and ask your sub about it. Might possibly lead to something.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Do you mean discipline or punishment? (See the Newcomer's FAQ, where I distinguish between the two concepts.)
  5. Denialz

    Denialz New Member

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    I am new here but I figured I'd give some advice from my year with my online pet. We were both dominant by nature however I had been able to intrigue her and she harbored a secret desire to try submission, and so our journey began. I mention the shared dominance in that it created many issues along the way, power struggles and mind games back and forth in that constant battle for dominance. I found some of the best punishments for my pet were denial of privacy. The humiliation of being made to perform tasks and share information one would normally keep to oneself helped keep her in that submissive mindset.

    I am also fond of orgasm control, as I assume most are. If you can captivate and arouse the mind of the subject in such a way that it surpasses any other stimulation they can give themselves or get otherwise, they'll start to lose interest in other forms of release and become dependent upon you. This allows you to control them as you are now their only form of sexual outlet, or at least the epitome of it and allows you to deny them pleasure. My pet had come to the point where she could no longer achieve orgasm without my word and every time I allowed it was only after much begging and pleading as her torment continued and heightened. Only did I allow it when she was at such a heightened state that everything else faded away and only the two of us existed, and the pleasure she felt.

    There's much more to say but perhaps another time. What I will say that is for any female the key is the mind not the body. Captivate it and intrigue it then she is yours to command. Once you have built this desire within her, denial of it is the greatest punishment.

    Oh and afterwards I had read back through the previous posts and I do repeat a bit of what Nuka had stated, however I think the reiteration is important.

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