home-made chastity device

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  1. nix

    nix Guest

    my gf and I went and bought a piece of pipe, slipped a stocking over my cock to yank it through and bang, it's impossible to jerk off properly.

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  2. sw722

    sw722 New Member

    I like this i am going to try this. Thanks
  3. nix

    nix Guest

    let me know how it goes! post some pictures if you can.
  4. sw722

    sw722 New Member

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  5. xuege320

    xuege320 New Member

    I have to try
  6. dlux

    dlux New Member

    any one know about home m
    ade chastity devices for women?
  7. nix

    nix Guest

    I am officially bumping this thread!
    The hose thing is nice, I might try that sometime. I'm not too sure about homemade women's devices, that sounds more complicated to me.

    Any suggestions for homemade devices to test?
  8. bestbdsmbargains

    bestbdsmbargains New Member

    Tried the pipe....and it sure does work...very uncomfortable for me thogh.. Thanks for the idea
  9. That string one looks nasty :eek:
  10. KBSoftware

    KBSoftware New Member

    The pvc pipe is a great idea especially when you add to it, like building some sort of stand(s) so you are attached to it, just a million ideas :)

    I have a cb6000 and just love it, I don't have a key holder at the moment but even so I still wear it on a regular basis.. You can wear it in public and nobody knows but sometimes I'll get a look and think does she know and that just drives me horny even if I know she doesn't :)
  11. J zero

    J zero Member

    i would like to add that tying up your penis like that, or adding any sort of constraining device should not be used for longer than an hour or so, as you are restricting the bloodflow to the penis, and could result in damaging the tissue.

    hopefully i dont need to explain what happens to body parts that go without bloodflow.
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