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  1. JonYossarian

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    I love anal hooks and seeing them used on submissive females.

    There’s nothing nicer than the sight of a girl on her knees with her back arched down and her ass forced high in the air due to the clever application of a hook up her butt.

    But despite training a few females myself I've never actually got round to buying one and trying it out on an unsuspecting sub.

    Does anyone have any pictures of their own hooks in use on their female slaves?

    From a slave’s point of view; What was it like from the receiving end?

    What type of hook do you prefer? The standard smooth curved one? Or the "tow-bar" style with the ball on the end?

    Pictures and comments please…


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    I want one!!! /pouting

    Maybe for Christmas... :D

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    Damn! I like. :)
  4. ketansharma112233

    ketansharma112233 New Member

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    Hook me into it.
  5. peterw

    peterw New Member

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    yes please

    Would so like that in me
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    nice thing!
  7. Ophelia

    Ophelia Member

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    looks pretty when used with rope ^^
  8. Anto123

    Anto123 New Member

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