worship of a lady and panties cleaner

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by stitch199, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. stitch199

    stitch199 New Member

    my fetish is to be the ladys panties cleaner and I do not mean water I mean toung and to worship her body.
  2. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

    Cleaning Her panties

    I consider myself very privileged to be allowed to sleep in the same room as my Mistress, albeit on the floor by Her bed in bondage, and every night I have the honour of cleaning Her panties.
    Last thing before bed, Mistress removes Her panties and places them over my head with the still warm gusset over my mouth and nose. I am allowed some time, whilst She sleeps, just savouring the wonderful scent but before morning I must have licked away any stains (the bondage allows me to reach my face with my hands so that I can manoeuvre the soiled areas over my tongue)
    I will of course be suitably punished if the panties are not clean in the morning.
  3. stitch199

    stitch199 New Member

    u are lucky but I bet there is a lady out there for me
  4. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

    thats a pretty nice idea try to do it sometime
  5. sissy_slut

    sissy_slut New Member

    Mistress lets me sleep as a dog around her feet sometimes or at other times tied up while spooning her in bed. But i am pantied and also gagged with her dirty knickers while i sleep and i love it. I couldnt be happier
  6. jamy

    jamy New Member

    ''tied up while spooning her in bed''

    *melt's into a puddle* that's going to haunt me now. amasing idea.
  7. bettie_slave

    bettie_slave New Member

    uh huh :) he literally gets tied to me, its very comforting :) x
  8. jamy

    jamy New Member

    -.- *growls* not helping xD. Ahhh well, maby when i find/ am found by a master i can slip this in xD.
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