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    Greeting fellow deviants,

    Not sure how many of you are into tickle torture. I assure you it can be excrutiating. Feel free to check out my free previews on the site(short previews) or the yahoo group (longer previews).

    Anyways, this vid is awesome! We have the sexy Mexican bombshell Angelie tied down completly helpless on the torture table and our sexy domme Jezabel Knight tickling her senseless all over her body. Later, Jezabel and I decide we want to play a little game with Angelie. Jezabel then pulls out the dice and we roll them to see where we are going to tickle her next! We couldn't have gotten any better rolls than we did! We then play another game where if the die fall off her hot boobs; we tickle her feet. If they then fall off her waist, we tickle her upper body. This is a great one I hope you enjoy it.

    Dont forget to lay your crit on me, I assure you I can take it. My mail servers down right now so please send anything you may think of to [email protected] or just reply here.

    Thanks everyone,
    - The Emperor
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