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    Years ago a friend got me into this group therapy where we confessed openly our darkest secrets to the group and following a great deal of debate and discussion the group would formulate an appropriate punishment or retribution for the deed.

    The premise behind all of this was basic guilt removal and putting the past behind us. There was some value in this therapy, but I began to develop all of this theory into another direction, that of fun or entertainment.

    And here in this fictional world we will develop a similar group with Superior Females, therapists, and a community of people devoted to holding each other accountable in life. Here is the plan:

    1. Confession: in order for subs to join the group they must begin confessing to their bad habits, inappropriate behavior and darkest secrets. [nothing criminal, please]

    2. Punishment: upon confession their names and confessions will be openly publicized here for the entire group to see. [group postings will remain for group members only]

    3. Humiliation: part of the punishment will be some type of public humiliation task with a full report to be received within 30 days of posting. This humiliation punishment to be decided upon by the group leaders, Femdoms, Superior Females, therapists and other subs.

    4. Retribution: also part of the punishment will be either retribution or a condign type punishment depending upon the act, deed or habit being punished.

    The end result of all this effort will be to hold the sub accountable and hopefully produce a change in behavior. A form of behavior modification, if you will.

    So if you have a nasty habit you wish to stop and are willing to do whatever it takes. If you want to become a better person, or just want to have fun and a little recreation. Join the group and begin participating.

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