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    When its holidays i always think of the needing ones :D

    So here you go, pride of my collection, the ones that are not easily found these days coz both companies are dead and i really dont know the names of the models

    First movie in pack is MFX, brazilian boxing, belly punching, hairpulling and slapping catfight


    Second is MWO films MWO 125 part C... its rare so i couldnt find other parts, yet ...


    DT-635-01DL - Santana vs. Jewell - FULL boxing match

    146mb/mp4/18 min


    Jewell Marceau dons the padded gloves for first time as she challenges pugilistic powerhouse Santana to some topless boxing action. It's obvious from the first few seconds of the match that Jewell should probably have trained more as the amused Latin easily blocks her early blows. Santana can see that this is going to be an easy win, but she intends on having a little sadistic fun with her outclassed opponent. After deflecting even more of Jewell's ineffective punches, Santana easily floors Jewell with a right cross--and from that point on Jewell doesn't have a chance. The buxom brunette's body is battered with savage fury as she's trapped in the corner, punished in center ring, and even when she's cowering on the canvas. The final knockout is inevitable. It may even be merciful, but mercy is not in Santana's vocabulary. She's taking sadistic glee at pounding her hapless foe, and she's determined to let the fun last a while.


    Marlies (25) vs. Paula (22)
    mov_07_145 -> HQ

    Approx. 21 mins(263 mb -> .wmv )


    Two stunning blondes with no clothes face each other on the mat. The sex fight they start shows just how determined a young lady Marlies is. She loves winning and she’s prepared to fight any other girl to get her way. Paula responds by settling in to a long session of hard, aggressive, pussy-pounding, each girl trying to force the other to quit. Who has the greater endurance?

    SOAP 194 - Madison Young vs. Sarah Jane Ceylon

    SOAP 253 - Madison Young vs. Alexa Von Tess


    SOAP 172 - Isamar Gutierrez vs. Daisy de la Rosa


    hello, i'm new here, hopefully my post is completely by the rule

    APL 282 - Puma vs. Karinne


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