Should my car be totaled?

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    A few weeks ago I was rear ended by someone while stopped at a stop light, which caused significant damage to my rear bumper and trunk, as well as smashing one of my lights. I have been dealing with her insurance company, they are covering it because the accident was completely her fault. Got an estimate, and they are saying it may be considered a total loss.

    The estimate was done two weeks ago, and after repeated attempts at calling them to find out what they are going to do, I finally got a call yesterday, and have an adjuster coming to my house tomorrow to appraise the car.

    I do not want the car totaled, and the damage is not totally horrible, its really just body damage. I still drive the car, it runs fine. It is a 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Because I was in the military, I was overseas alot, so it has very low mileage for its age, only 53,000. Also, the engine was replaced at 42,000 when it was in my father's possession while I was overseas, so the engine only has 11,000 on it.

    Will they take this into consideration when they decide whether to repair or total it? Bluebook on my car is only $4700, and I am sure they wouldn't give me that much. I know for that amount I will not find a comparable car to mine, there can't be that many 2001 cars with such low mileage and a new engine. I feel like I might get screwed here.

    I feel that since the accident was not my fault, and the car is still driveable with just body damage, they should fix it. If it was my policy and I caused the accident, I would understand them not wanting to fix it.

    If they decide to total it and try to screw me on how much they give me, do I have any other options?

    (I'm dealing with Farmer's Insurance btw, I am so glad I don't have a policy with them, their customer service is horrible, worst car insurance experience yet.);u=35;u=14537;u=3715;u=5605;u=3657;u=15185;u=15135;u=13007
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