Selection of Herrin silvia Sm Studio Berlin Dvd's

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    This is my 1st post and im really into BDSM and looking around the site for stories and more ideas.

    Anyway i have a collection of 8 SM studio berlin, herrin silvia dvd's (All 100% original) with cases one dvd doesn't have the case just the cover and dvd.

    Here goes.

    Best of no.3 (no case)
    Rubber Dolls
    Anal Expert
    Call A Slave
    Zhyra's Pet Play Dreams
    Electric Trick
    Clinic Crimes

    I Paid £25 each for these dvd's and i will sell them all for £125 Posted, Bargain. Can pay through paypal so you will be covered with them so you don't have to worry about anything :)
    All in perfect condition, reason i am posting them on here is that it's hard to sell stuff like this on the net and carn't put them on ebay for ovbious reason's lol.

    Any questions please ask, i can post anywhere in the World, And they will be well packed with postage insurance. I am from the UK if that help's? I used to sell bondage dvd's on ebay untill they caught up with me for posting adult material :(

    Here is the pic of the dvd's


    If this is posting in the wrong section please let me know Mod's.


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