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    Just an observation - I enjoy the episode of Scrubs where the female lawyer (Nina?) makes JD her plaything and he gets spanked by Carla, then Jordan has to break up for JD with Nina at which point Jordan tells JD he is now her bitch. I wonder how the writers came up with the episode.
  2. master jey

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    I don't know how they came up with it but I liked it JD is cute
  3. P.S.Eudonym

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    Considering how the whole episode and a huge part of the series deals with JD's insecurities and underdeveloped mother complex, I'd guess that the point was to create a situation in which JD has to chose between his insecurities and his best friend. Since he is unable to, he does what he always does and runs of to the next best mother figure around, who happens to be the wife/ex of his chosen father figure. Telling him that he is now her bitch seems like her way of saying "your welcome" in the context of accepting him into the circle of people under her protection. (Considering she calls her (ex)husband her bitch regularly as a sign of affection.)

    Nina is a very simple and very bland character without any depth that doubles for societies cliché image of lawyers. Everything else is just interacting with that concept in similar cliché enviroment and plot. I do enjoy scrubs for the humor and the character development of the main cast, but their storylines are rather bland and generic IMO.

    The episode is also, to an extend, a critique of the U.S. legal system and the problems it creates for physicians to chose between playing it save and doing their best but risking lawsuits. (As evident in the refusal to treat Neena's father because of her reputation to sue everyone and her description as a "lawsuit creator", evident in the scene where an old woman thanks a doctor for his efforts, then is handed her business card and then accuses the same doctor of malpractice.)

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