Runescape : Can I get 99 Firemaking in a week week and a half (read details)?

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    I'm level 100 combat (103 in member worlds) and I still don't have a skillcape. I'm trying to get 99 Firemaking in a week or a week and a half (2 weeks max.) and I want to know if I can have 99 Firemaking knowing I'm level 91 Firemaking right now (50k maples left to burn until 99 Firemaking). I play for an average of 15 hours per day (please don't comment me on that), and I can do an average of 100k xp per hour. So, can I have 99 Firemaking in 2 weeks max.? Please explain and be honest in your answer. Thanks.

    (All comments like : Quit RuneScape, RuneScape sucks, you're a no-lifer, etc... won't be choosed as best answer, so why bother writing it :)?).;u=1391;u=20915;u=10763;u=99;u=5363;u=19993;u=5925
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