Red Feline - The Execution of the Unrepented

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    Red Feline - The Execution of the Unrepented

    (Episode IV of Red Feline and the Inquisition)

    Red Feline faces the ultimate fate, dangling in mid air, her hands nailed and stretched wide, will Melissa save

    herself from the inevitable? All she has to do is sign the book where here crimes have already been written. It's

    all so simple, she hears them say. It's either a swift end at the merciful edge of the sword or the long agony of

    the ultimate torture. Melissa looks up to her hanging and nailed friend. She's ready for her answer.


    Red Feline - Execution of & The Red Room
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    Red Feline - The Red Room

    Starring: Jane Detlefson

    Jane gets ahold of a copy of a classic film: Red Feline on the Cross. She recognizes a location, the house where the

    story takes place. Inspired, she goes to the house and finds that it has been torn down and in its place stands a

    modern building that retains some of the external design of the old house. She goes in to see whatever happened to

    this house. She finds an apartment that has an inviting open door, a red glow comes from within. She walks into an

    empty, red apartment and to a room overlooking the street. A man in black appears as if from nowhere. Thus begins

    Jane's journey of pain. She wanted to find Red Feline, but she found far worse.


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