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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by laSraliss, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. laSraliss

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    greetings i have a wonderful and unusual fetish to share with you, i am a poetry submissive i love to write poetry and have it criticised in the most arrogant and domineering way possible the more condescending and pompous the critic the better, criteques like this
    send me right over the edge, the best place to get the dominating poetry criticism my bad poetry deserves is at a "poetry work shop" the poetry submissive equivalent of a dungeon. my favorite one right now is "the poetry free for all" this is the best poetry fetish site on the Internet there rules are so strict and convoluted the excitement the risk of being punished (having your posts deleted) or being outright banned from the site is excruciating and there poetry dominants are the best http://www.everypoet.org/pffa/ if you want to play with us.. does any body else like this or think it might be fun to try?
  2. pyroaquatic

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    While sometimes I may appear to be convoluted in my lack of meter... I find it to be rigid.

    Patterns are good, yes. But to tear at the same old tatters while having a smattering of chaos leads to the lost being found and fun abound.

    Even that which does not seem to have an apparent pattern has a pattern.
  3. laSraliss

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    I love to write erotic novels/shorts, but not necessarily poetry. But because I'm a really sensitive person, a critique like the one given above would do me more harm than good, making me seriously question/doubt my skills even if only one of many people said this :(

    On the other hand, my master really wants me to read some erotica aloud as he goes down on me, which will no doubt be extremely humiliating, but also a lot of fun :)
  5. laSraliss

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    the masters at the "the poetry free for all" really know there stuff so a critique like this is only handed out to those truly naughty poets that deserve it. if you want a verbal spanking your bad poetry will get it, good poetry gets treated more gently, but they do know the difference so watch out.
  6. Sparrow69

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    I love poetry. I've never really considered it a fetish, but it does move me, so i guess, the right poetry could be "fetishised." I like to write epics, so perhaps I'll write an epic fetish....
  7. Dolores

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    Wow, this is a really interesting and kind of intense idea... I write poetry and I do enjoy critiquing it as well, but have never considered using the emotional charge from a bad critique in a sexual manner before. Hmmmm...

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