Plaster Mummification + Tickling

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by waytooticklish, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. waytooticklish

    waytooticklish New Member

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  2. yourslave1

    yourslave1 New Member

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    i think the foam idea is good, i would definately leave breathing room
  3. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    dont forget about heat. the body puts off almost 5,000 btu's amd if sealed will roast itself. plaster, especially ligned with saran wrap is not breathable and will bake someone if there isnt adequate ventilation.
    also plaster, isn't very sturdy, as they twitch it will crack, and if you apply it thick enough not to crack easily, then if theres an issue it will take some doing to get them out.
    Dont forget that while playing is fun, it should also be safe.i suggest that if your going to spend so much as to buy the proper materials to do this, to just build a coffin style box, that has ancle holes sticking out the bottom, pad the holes, and lock your partner in it, giving you acces to their feet with the convenience of a swift release if nessasary.
  4. Sado_Dom

    Sado_Dom Member

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    Just thinking about being mummified gives me the jitters and the feeling of claustrophobia even though I'm not claustrophobic. The restricted movement and heat from being wrapped up would make me feel gross and sweaty. When you mummify them you should also leave some space for air to travel through the cast, otherwise like Sparrow said, they will roast.
  5. Sado_Dom

    Sado_Dom Member

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    You could try straws or some type of tubing for some ventilation maybe? You just have to put it through the wrapping or whatever you're using. Maybe use duct tape to keep plaster from going through where you put the ventilation shafts through.
  6. meripa

    meripa Member

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    I tried the plaster mumification for 2 times now.
    My master let me in for 2 hours and it was a great feeling.
    At first I would think about a special room, because the plaster-work is very dirty.
    Then I would use cotton instead of saran wrap!
    And before wrapping th whole body I would fix arms and legs with tape or something like that because as I found out myself there are uncontrolable forces while you tickle your girl.
    Another thing what you should think about is to spare out her vagina, because on one side maybe she has to pee during the sessin and on the other side: forced orgasms while being mumificated are also very interesting.
    And I think before every plaster bandage you lay on her she should take a deep breath so she got enough room to breath.
    Have fun!
  7. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I'm curious. How did it go?
  8. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    yeah me too, I'm so ticklish it isnt even funny (and on the most random places too) that this sounds like exhausting

    Did your partner cry?! From laughing too much?!
  9. subspace

    subspace Member

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    I dont have a lot of hard limits but tickling is one of them - I cant watch it and just thinking about it makes me uneasy. Its sort of a weird limit but I wonder if that is common.

    I am also curious as to how she responded.
  10. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    I love tickling...people...
  11. Kujman1

    Kujman1 New Member

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    I've been using mummification in all it's varieties even since introducing it in HOM magazines many moons ago! At first most thought it was silly... but after a few years, many layouts and many live demos, it caught on.. and now is commonplace (though seldom done correctly).

    Plaster (much like tickling) takes it's own technique- it's an art. Few do it right because they have little time to devote to it. You gave up too quickly. Maybe you just need someone to help you with it who's done it before. I first tried using plaster back in the 80's.. again- no one had done it so there was no road to follow. So I've created many little tricks to make it very successful. My plaster mummification scenes and videos clips are very well known. We've even used it in the live Sorority initiations we do each year. And I guarantee you that they are as solid as stone and no movement is had.

    Next time you're going to try such a scene- contact me. I'll help you make it happen just as you had wished it too.. and the next time you do it after that it'll be awesome!



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