Most popular songs over the past 10 years (or how ever far you can go up)?

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    Yes this may be a bit of a Stupid Question, but we could annex their country easy.. They have No armed forces to protect them.. and they are very close to the UK.. we could make them apart of the UK and it would give us a lot more land to build on, more Resources and More Land for the Glory of the British Empire (lol well i wish we did have one) and over time im sure their population would want to become British. Sounds like a plan ey? Even thou my reasons for invadeing them are not because they are bad its just because i feel greedy and was wondering why our country hasent invaded those to countrys for our own Gain?;u=30;u=719;u=12004;u=12525;u=3797;u=3059;u=516;u=22696;u=5119;u=4398
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