Ivy Manor (1-6) 2001-2002. Rare video

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    Ivy Manor (1-6) 2001-2002. Rare video

    Genre: Latex, Fetish, Strapon, FemDom, PonyPlay
    Director: Bob Zak, John Fitzgerald
    Studio: GwenMedia
    Quality: VHSRip

    Ivy Manor 1 - The Beginning


    Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, K. Cloake, Nomi, Mia Pavelli, Eden Wells
    Year: 07/2001
    Duration: 1:09:09 (552 MB)
    Video: DivX 448x352 25fps Audio: MP3 22050Hz 39Kbps
    Description: 1 st and probably the best film of the series (Ivy Manor), in which there is a variety of scenes, costumes and games, with a very natural game actresses (feelings, emotions).
    One day Jennifer came to write a report about Mrs Isabella Sinclair and her fetish salon "Ivy Manor". And since the threshold journalist (bondage model Dzhyuel Marceau) is faced with slaves in latex. Read more - she not only watches, but also aroused gently caress associated slave, plunging into the world of latex, bondage and domination.
    When she briefly trouble staying the same (while Mrs. raising slaves as hard as whip), then it is time to re-measure half the clothes - latex, corsets and shoes on high heels. Now she was a drug addict, whose name is "Latex and pleasure.
    The scene at the table as full of desires and bliss, like the previous one. It is here that a journalist under the influence of either wine, or omitted slave tongue between her legs, shouting "Yes, I want!" given at the mercy of Mistress and irrevocably away from reality in the world "related latex dolls with a gag in his mouth." Now she does not need to go to work and write reports. Suffice it to deliver a sweet lady and dedication to take from it in award latex clothes, rope and penalties.
    The cell in which it is placed on the night, gives the opportunity to reflect on new life or just fondle myself latex gloves ..


    Ivy Manor 2 - Jennifer's Initiation


    Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, Mia Pavelli, Damiana, Eden Wells
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 1:00:02 (606 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 352x240 29.97fps Audio: MPEG2 44100Hz 224Kbps
    Description: The morning of a new day Lady in bed with encased in latex slave Jennifer (no longer a journalist). Disguised "new" in the costume of a maid (with a tray on her high heels), Mrs., together with his girlfriend begin charging, slap one of the slaves. By working simultaneously with two whips they show their skills. Jennifer awkwardly serves them obnosya drinks. Her error leads to the punishment ice. Serving his sentence, she (again dressed as a maid) meets the second slaves. For lesbian licking honey with latex and the body, they both get punished.

    Ivy Manor 3 - Tropical Submission


    Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau & Mia Pavelli
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 1:00:41 (595 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 352x288 25.00fps 1100Kbps Audio: MPEG2 44100Hz 224Kbps
    Description: On the remote island of slaves, not stand on ceremony. Two Mistress sunbathe and swim directly into the latex, indicating that their wealth, for latex in the sun deteriorating rapidly. They also apply to the slaves - who are badly behaved or deadhead licking feet, he hung a couple of days in the sun tied to a pole.
    Spanked and punished wax slaves are obedient and one of them gets the right to rub the back of Mrs in the bathroom.
    Training "pony" completes training slaves, they learned the lessons of submission and obedience.

    Ivy Manor 4 - Continuing Education


    Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau, Emily Marilyn & Nomi
    Year: 07/2001
    Duration: 1:01:35 (614 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 352x240 29.97fps 1048Kbps Audio: MPEG2 44100Hz 224Kbps
    Description: Once a slave learned to be obedient, they should still have a few classes of training: to keep a balance on his heels, to serve at the table with his hands tied, serve as a lamp when Mrs. reading before bedtime.
    Penalties for "two" are different - from slaps on the ass to "drowning in the bathtub with water. Fixation-related slave with clothespins and "tearing" of the pegs of the second slave (combined with affection tongue) - it is a pain and pleasure. And, of course flogging, whipping, flogging ..
    At the end of "mummified" and inflated in latex slave left alone with a mental repetition of lessons learned ..

    Ivy Manor 5 - Teacher's Pet –


    Cast - Jewell Marceau, Isabella Sinclaire, Emily Marilyn, Eden Wells, Mistress Jean, Talia Monet
    Year: 04/2002
    Duration: 1:09:41 (695 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 352x240 29.97fps 1048Kbps Audio: MPEG2 44100Hz 224Kbps
    Description: Jennifer is now a full pupil, experiencing the creative experiments Lady Isabella. Now she is so immersed in the latex (in the literal sense, with lots of gadgets), which is already difficult to distinguish where reality and vision.
    With remote control vibrators Mrs. causes it not only orgasms, but also a vision - black and white kitty caress Lady, caress tied, with Mrs. Jennifer play with a brand new slave, Jennifer becomes a pussycat.

    Ivy Manor 6


    Starring: Stacy Burke, Jewell Marceau, Isabella Sinclaire, Anna Mills, Anastasia Pierce, Mistress Jean
    Year: 08/2002
    Duration: 1:08:22 (586 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 352x240 29.97fps Audio: MPEG2 44100Hz
    Description: Mrs. Isabella and Mrs. Gene indulging on a ranch with his horses (in their role of course act latex slave). Training, bonding, flogging, various latex costumes and pony outfits - all in different variations present in the film.
    At the end of one of Mrs. loses another debate and becomes her new pony.

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