How can I fix my ipod touch?

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    So I've had this ipod for a while now, less than a year though and recently I've been having problems with it like as soon as I turn it on stripes will appear. Like the screen just has stripes, but it works perfectly fine I just can't see what I'm doing without seeing the stripes. They come up after like a couple seconds prior to turning my ipod on, just when it's like on sleep. Then randomly ever once in a while I can go a without a single stripe or skip of the screen appearance . So what could be wrong and how could I fix it? I already restored and restarted it so don't bother with that. The cause for this us unknown :p Also, do i HAVE to make a reservation if I want to just go get a new ipod because I believe I do still have insurance on it?;u=109650;u=5144;u=9519;u=47623;u=18899;u=2377;u=2563;u=2353;u=25977
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