Help Modify this shock collar?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by wolf123, May 26, 2010.

  1. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

    Hello all, I have bought this dog shock collar on ebay for a great price and its very fun.
    However, I want to find a better way to use it in public than strapped around her thigh and wondering if anyone has any ideas. I am thinking some kind of belt that holds it in place around the clit area, even buying metal wires and unscrew the caps and cling the metal wires to a small metal plate around her clit area. The overall goal is to be able to wear it comfortably in everyday life and still for it to not get loose and lose the connection to feel the shock, so location isnt that important as long as they get the shock. The main problem is both rods have to touch the skin/light frabric above the skin. curves of the body like ass cheeks pose problems.
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  2. Sleepy

    Sleepy New Member

    That's not a shock collar, it's called a pager collar. There's no electricity involved.

    Notice how they put this into their description:
    * Pager non-electrical stimulation.
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  3. doloroso

    doloroso New Member

    Well, no matter what they say, it is still static electricity involved. And it can be discharged in 100 levels. The only difference between the older types and this is possibility to penetrate the fabric or fur and therefore is no need that the electrodes touch the skin.
    I don`t have experience with this, but I own an older version. My idea was to made "electric thong" as I use to call this project :).
    I planned to unscrew metal probes on the controll box (the one attached to the collar) , mount the controll box to leather belt. To this belt I would add a middle part ,which would go between the legs of my slave and on this middle strip of leather, on the part which covers labia, I would attach (glue, whatever) thin and flexible metal stripes (alluminium folie, thicker bare wire or just big chrome rivet(s) ) and to those metal stripes/rivets I would attach the isolated wires , which would end on the screws of the controll box, those screws on which probes were originally attached.
    I hope you understand my idea, since I have problem with English language.
    Unfortunatelly I have never realised this "project", but maybe you can use the idea and report us about the result :)
    All the best and good luck.
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  4. doloroso

    doloroso New Member

    uf, sorry, there is much simplier way :)
    Just buy one of those TENS vaginal (anal) probes, which can be worn under normal panties and attach the contacts to controll box of the dog collar. Control box can be anywhere, in pocket, purse, attached to garters..... Just provide long enough wires. Et voila ... :)
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  5. Martello

    Martello Member

    I would suggest not doing any modifications on something that involves electric shock, no matter how small the shock would be. That could turn ugly pretty fast. However, I see where you are going with this idea and i think it's great! Maybe something like this would help with your placement ideas. You could even cut a hole in the leather to make room for the shock device attacked to the collar.

    Let us know how this works out...
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  6. Martello

    Martello Member

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  7. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

    ya i thought about that, would be much easier to just unscrew the two metal prods and use wires of a vaginal anal probe but those are expensive and trying to keep it cheap. I'll let you guys know if anything comes up and post a photo, but might take a while to figure something simple and cheap.
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  8. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

    So you got this thing. I read the part about the vibration..... A lot of them give a vibration followed by a shock so that you can eventually control the dog with just the vibration and if doggie doesn't do what is required the shock will come later. After some initial training you can use vibe only.

    Have you tried this on yourself? Is is a static burst or a longer shock.

    You could always run "tens" electrodes from the posts, keeping the unit un-modified, but it would have to be a regular electric shock to get that effect. I don't know if the static discharge would work with that kind of attachment.

    Let us know Please
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  9. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

    it has different modes- shock, vibrate, and beep. the vibrate is so-so will get attention but u cant focus it like an egg. when u press the shock button it goes 3 bursts zap zap zap. hold it down and it keeps going zap zap zap until u let go. best buy is on ebay. u can also control 2 at a time.

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