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    The saleswoman whom results had bad gets office's best sales at a dash. What would the business woman NAGISA TOYOKAWA of the car have? It is slender and beauty tits. The advantage of NAGISA of a lewd atmosphere is under pretense of love decisively. Body business is the best for NAGISA who is ambiguous sales talk and has not persuasive power. However, the deficiency of the car is found out on certain day. A mass recall occurs and NAGISA who made excessive sales falls into a predicament. This responsibility cannot be taken by the fuck & vaginal cum shot. Result that can do nothing but endure quietly even the humiliation that is screwed two cocks in the pussy into in front of a large number of men. All of sales and claim is handed by the body offer. After all, it was a woman in the lowest base where value existed only in the pussy. The hybrid car that new car "TOXUS" of the Tokyo Hot Motor Corporation's best push attracts attention most now. The customer comes to the shop where NAGISA works to hear a presentation every day. However, NAGISA who did not have the knowledge of the car at all was not able to answer no matter what it was asked and was letting the large clientele go. Of course the business result is bottom of rank. One customer comes to the store immediately after she is made spur by head of store. The customer says that he will buy the car if he can fuck with her, and also says that other friends also will introduce. She visited the customer's home with the contract the next day though it is NAGISA who hesitates once. There are four men including the customer who comes to a store. NAGISA is made to take off clothes immediately and becomes crawl on all fours, and is licked pussy. Immediately after, she is hold in his arms by open leg pose and is made finger fuck and faints in agony. The joy juice that becomes cloudy is hung down. And, the cock is put in the mouth and she is made fellatio. NAGISA repeats a polite sucking unwillingly for sales. Then cock inserted at backward woman on top posture and piston continues at bending & back posture. The sales talk is not well but the sensitivity seems very well. And then vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted though she opposes unexpected vaginal cum shot, and semen is injected. And third cock also made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The fourth cock inserted soon at back posture and injected semen. And bubble semen flows backward while making too obscene sound after the fact. The pussy is already soaked much. NAGISA is overjoyed because they bought two cars by each though she has a hard time. And a sales result of NAGISA is top of store in two weeks time. The head of store lays her on thick in the morning meeting. NAGISA had been completely transfigured to a saucy woman. However, the report of a large amount of recall occurrence comes in from the headquarters. The customer who was angry crowds the store at the same time. The head of store cannot settle it though apologizes to the customer. Furthermore, it is testified that all the customers who flocked bought a car from NAGISA. Customer's anger concentrates on NAGISA and she will be made to take responsibility. NAGISA takes off clothes according to the customer's demand and started masturbation by the open leg pose that greatly opens pussy. However, the customer is not satisfied with the masturbation of the sulk and she is suppressed and is attacked with the rotor & vibs toy. The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and she faints in agony, and is made acme. Immediately after, she is stimulated with the electric massage machine and ejaculates. Then she got acme again while being go into convulsions body this time. In the next, Cuzco is inserted and the uterine ostium is exposed. It gets excited by the rough vagina road. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after she is made the severe suck of the cock and piston continue at backward woman on top, side and bending posture. And another cock is inserted at the same time while she is poked at woman on top posture. NAGISA who is skewered two cocks ejaculates. It is also closed in the mouth with the cock at the same time and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediately after, second, third and fourth cock injected semen. However, customer's anger is not calmed down. Immediately after, cock is pierced to pussy of NAGISA who is made lift hip up pose one after another and vaginal cum shot is made. The semen of nine totals is injected and pussy becomes muddy. The face of NAHISA hating for injection of a large quantity of semen seriously is so wonderful. After this, NAGISA is assigned by the person in charge of the complaint. 400,000 recalls are undertaken single-handed in the whole country. The hole immediately becomes tattered. However, if customer's anger is calmed down in one slut, it is cheap. If NAGISA breaks, the following meat urinal slut for claim will only have to be employed by the low wage.

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