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    Joe D’Amato – The Venexiana (1996)

    Director: Joe D’Amato (as Michael Di Caprio)
    Cast: Wanda Curtis (as Annalisa Montezemolo), Anita Blond (as Anita Blonde), Philippe Dean, Erica Bella, Karim, Gabriella Vincze (as Gabriella Bucci), Olah Tunde, Reinhard, Julia Teodora (as Judith Elekes), David Ferenc, Henrietta, David di Claudio, Remigio Zampa … Casanova (as Giovanni Remigio), Judith Vegh, Andres (as Andreas)

    A Fêmea do Mar


    The Female of the Sea
    (A Fêmea do Mar, Brasil , 1981 )


    A desert island of Santa Catarina coast, woman lives with two children in the hope that the husband who went to sea again one day. The arrival of a sailor (interpreted by filmmaker Jean Garret) with the news of the death of her husband will trigger the release of them sexual, and at the same time, a climate of anxiety and tension loss.

    Portuguese | DVDrip | 720*480 | 29.9Fps | mpga | Stereo | 48KHz | 160Kb/ s | 1:25Min | 625MB


    password vasakula

    Rosalia Catanese (1987)

    Director: Romeo Visconti
    # Afrodite
    # Federica Zarri
    #Jasmine Rouge as Jasmine La Rouge
    # Jenifer as Petra Olmi, GiuliaLazzaro or Stefania Mazza
    # Jessica Fiorentino
    # Monica Oskyas Petra Olmi, Giulia Lazzaro or Stefania Mazza
    # Susie Sorrento asJenny Jordan

    Video = 738 mb
    DivX 5, 720 x 544
    Dur. 1:55

    Paola Senatore Non Stop Sempre Buio In Sala
    * Bady Samual
    * Paola Senatore
    * Sandra Sesal

    Video = 716 mb, XviD, 480 x 272,

    Director: Arduino Sacco

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    LastX-rated Movie 3 (1991)
    Director: Cecil Howard


    * Beverly Glen
    * Nina Hartley
    * Renee Summers
    * Rhonda Jo Petty
    * Sharon Kane
    * SharonMitchell
    * Stacey Donovan
    * Tasha Voux

    * Scene 1. Stacey Donovan, TomByron
    * Scene 2. Sharon Mitchell, Paul Thomas
    * Scene 3. Rhonda JoPetty, Tasha Voux, Eric Edwards
    * Scene 4. Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards

    Video = 996 mb, XviD, 640 x 480, dur. 1:18

    La Macellaia Jessica Rizzo
    [​IMG] La Macellaia - Jessica Rizzo (Mr Ciccio)

    MPEG Video File
    Video: CVID 320x240

    Format : QuickTime
    Format/Info : Original Apple specifications
    File size : 599 MiB
    Duration : 44mn 46s
    Overall bit rate : 1 871 Kbps
    Tagged date : UTC 1998-07-01 17:38:54
    Writing library : Apple QuickTime


    Street Date: 2003
    Title: Affari e Peccati Anali
    Runtime: 1:23:27
    Category: Anal, Big Titts, Outdoor Sex, All Sex
    Company: Grand Idea
    Director: Jessica Rizzo
    Starring: Barbie Est, Jessica Rizzo, Roberta de Marques, Valentine

    Jessica Rizzo porca come sempre in un film anal che vi fara superare qualsiasi eccitazione! Produzione Italiana!

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: 720x528 (1.36:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~1399 kbps avg, 0.15 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg
    Filesize: 917.82 Mb


    Download: Affari e Peccati Anali

    Oh! Rebuceteio (1984)

    Format : AVI
    Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
    File size : 700 MiB
    Duration : 1h 24mn
    Overall bit rate : 1 156 Kbps
    Writing application : VirtualDubMod (build 2178/release)
    Writing library : VirtualDubMod build 2178/release

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]

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    Lucrezia Giovane (1974)

    Genre: History | Drama
    Cast: Simonetta Stefanelli, Massimo Foschi, Ettore Manni, Anna Orso, Paolo Malco, Elizabeth Turner, Fred Robsham, Raffaele Curi, Aldo Reggiani, Piero Lulli, Doro Corà, Edoardo Florio, Guglielmo Spoletini, Giovanni Petrucci, Annamaria Fornello, Vittorio Fanfoni, Rose Marie Keller, Alessandro Perrella.

    Review: Historical drama around the sexual exploits of the young Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Alexander Borgia and sister of the infamous Cesare Borgia. Simonetta Stefanelli stars as the ruthless Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli's take on the Borgia family. In the early 16th century, Italy is ruled by the powerful Borgia family, led by Cesar Borgia and his sister Lucrezia. In a ruthless power play, Cesare plots to have his sister's husband murdered.But without her brother's knowledge, Lucretia has taken a strong lover who will challenge the Borgias, but Cesar's love for his sister will once again lead to the demise of Lucrezia's lover ...

    DivX @ 1200kbps | 25fps | 696 x 300 | Italian MP3 @ 128 | no subs | 01:22:44 | 792MB |


    Interchangeable Links:

    password vasakula


    * Rocco Siffredi ... Rocco
    * Anita Blond
    * Samantha del Rio
    * Rosa Caracciolo
    * Cesareo
    * Anita Dark
    * Elio
    * Faso
    * Rocco Tanica
    * Valentina Valli (as Lenka)

    Video = 704 mb, XviD, 448 x 352, Dur. 1:54:45

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    PASS: sgrencino

    Discesa all'Inferno (1991)
    Aka. Italian Inferno
    Director: Mario Salieri

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ida Fabry as Ida Ivanovic
    Jennifer Toth
    Luana Borgia as Laura Borgia
    Marina Licastro
    Serena Lipari
    Zara Whites as Zara White
    Jeanna Fine
    Sunny McKay
    Misty McCaine

    Scene 1. Roberto Malone, Zara Whites
    Scene 2. guy, Jeanna Fine, Roberto Malone, Zara Whites
    Scene 3. Richard Langin, Sunny McKay
    Scene 4. 2 guys, Zara Whites
    Scene 5. 2 guys, Sunny McKay
    Scene 6. blonde, guys, Roberto Malone, Zara Whites
    Scene 7. Luana Borgia, Roberto Malone, Sean Michaels, Zara Whites
    Scene 8. blonde, brun, guy
    Scene 9. blonde, Roberto Malone, Zara Whites
    Scene 10. Roberto Malone, Zara White

    Video = 917 mb, XviD, 640 x 480, dur. 1:15, language = spanish

    Director: Roger Stallone


    Cassandra Leigh
    Chelsea Blake
    Honey Wilder
    Karen Jeffries [LezOnly]
    Sharon Kane

    Scene Breakdowns:
    Scene 1. Sharon Kane, Bobby Astyr, R. Bolla
    Scene 2. Cassandra Leigh, Eric Edwards
    Scene 3. Chelsea Blake, George Payne
    Scene 4. Cassandra Leigh, Honey Wilder, Eric Edwards
    Scene 5. Karen Jeffries, Sharon Kane

    Video = 955 mb, DivX 4, 640 x 480, dur. 51:50

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    Directors: Asia Carrera, Bud Lee

    Asia Carrera
    Avalon [LezOnly]
    Brittany Andrews
    Charlie [LezOnly]
    Holly Body
    Johnni Black [Anal]
    Laura Palmer
    Leanna Heart
    Liza Harper
    Roxanne Hall
    Sindee Coxx [LezOnly]
    Veronica Hart [NonSex]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    Scene 1. Holly Body, Johnni Black, Alex Sanders
    Scene 2. Laura Palmer, Liza Harper, Raylene, Roxanne Hall, Alec Metro, John Decker, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher
    Scene 3. Avalon, Brittany Andrews, Charlie, Laura Palmer, Leanna Heart, Liza Harper, Raylene, Roxanne Hall, Sindee Coxx, Mike Horner
    Scene 4. Avalon, Brittany Andrews, Charlie, Laura Palmer, Leanna Heart, Liza Harper, Raylene, Roxanne Hall, Sindee Coxx, Mike Horner
    Scene 5. Asia Carrera, Alex Sanders
    Scene 6. Asia Carrera, Mark Davis

    Asia Carrera brings her love of life and incredible musical talents to the screen like never before as she celebrates a bygone era. living in the modern world can never match the arousing fantasies she has of carnal bliss in the time of Mozart. Even though she's trapped in today's world, her nasty mind is free to wander the dusty, sensual halls of the past. How wonderful it would be to stay there for ever. But alas it is impossible. Isn't it?

    Video = 1688 mb, XviD, 536 x 408, dur. 2:40

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    Electric Blue # 37

    Video = 921 mb
    XviD, 560 x 416
    Dur. 1:07


    A nerdy college student accidentally gets sent back to 1959 when his equally nerdy roommate's time machine malfunctions. There he meets a young lady who helps him become oriented with his predicament and at the same time more confident about himself.

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    Cave Women (1979) (aka. Once Upon Annette)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Director: Annette Haven

    * Abigail Clayton
    * Amber Hunt
    * Annette Haven
    * Cris Cassidy (as Montana Brent)
    * Desiree West (as Pat Lee) [BJOnly]
    * China Leigh (as Tina Orchid)

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Blair Harris, China Leigh
    * Scene 2. Bob Bluecloud, Abigail Clayton
    * Scene 3. Desiree West, Mick Jones
    * Scene 4. Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
    * Scene 5. Amber Hunt, China Leigh, Carl Regal
    * Scene 6. Cris Cassidy, Abigail Clayton
    * Scene 7. Bob Bluecloud, Blair Harris, Cris Cassidy, Annette Haven

    Video = 775 mb
    MPEG, 352 x 288
    Dur. 1:16
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