Do you use rss readers?

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Do you use rss readers?

  1. Yes i do

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  2. No i don't

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  3. What is rss reader?

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  1. dorei

    dorei Offline Staff Member

    Do you use rss readers?
    If yes which one? Please write your response in the thread.
  2. ALise

    ALise New Member

    maybe I do without knowing it ;-) What means rss readers?
  3. dorei

    dorei Offline Staff Member

    It is a very useful tool, you can get updates of your favorite sites directly to your pc(if you use desktop rss reader) or to your account at online rss reader.
    In case your favorite sites use rss feeds, more information about rss technologies you can read at
  4. Alexia

    Alexia New Member

    While i do use RSS, i have noticed that most of them don't work that well, so i don't rely on them.
  5. Fantazmaster

    Fantazmaster New Member

    Yes I do use these RSS readers and while they had some bugs at first,I have noticed they are much improved.I use the Google Reader for these RSS feeds and find that saves me a lot of time as once setup sites of interest feed topics of interest into the Reader.Ths saves a lot of going from one site to another and often I am informed of things I might have missed otherwise.In one case I was actually able to save over $800 on an auto repair due to a service bulletin notification via RSS.

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