DDB-052 The Human Toilet Teacher--Japan

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    DDB-052 The Human Toilet Teacher
    --Kurumi Morishita plays an authoritarian teacher whose passion and idealism for education is crushed by an attempted rape. After this experience, her personality changes and she becomes a merciless disciplinarian who doles out severe punishments on her students. She orders pupils caught smoking cigarettes to stand in line then treats them like a dominatrix would: spitting on them, making them lick the sole of her shoes and forcing them to masturbate. But her students revolt. She is gang banged by the four students she caught smoking, all of whom cum inside her. She has the word 'Human Toilet Teacher' written across her chest and is subjected to relentless skull-fucking to puking. But this is just the beginning. Even more appalling punishment awaits her. Her legs are tied up and prided apart, ready to endure a cascade of piss and bukkake. She is tortured with sex toys, enema and brutal fucking. Don't miss the amazing sight of Kurumi Morishita's debut enema

    D052.part1.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part2.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part3.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part4.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part5.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part6.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part7.rar - 190.7 Mb
    D052.part8.rar - 190.7 Mb
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