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    2 cans of Kidny beans
    1 large ish jar of chunky salsa
    1/2 of an onion
    1 red sweet pepper
    1 yellow pepper.
    1 package of 20/80% chop meat (1lb pack I think it is)
    adobo or all season
    Cayenne pepper
    Some cheese
    olive oil

    1) Ok, get two pans, one deep large one, and another small frying pan. Brown the meat in the large pan on low with a dash of oil, be sure to brake it up into small chunks and cover the pan for a short bit. Add adobo or all season to the meat during this.
    2) Chop up the two peppers and half the onion making sure to cut out the top seed clusters from the peppers, the goal is tasty chili not so stupid spicy no one wants to eat it chili. Take this choped up mess and throw it in the small frying pan and be sure to use a dash of oil in there. fry them up until there no longer crunchy.
    3) At this point the meat should be in its well browned stage, should you fear over cooking do this step before step 2. Add the two cans of beans, juce and all and the jar of salsa to the meat, stir it in well and then turn up heat slightly.
    4)With the peppers and onions browned you want to add them into the large pan and turn them into the mix, at this point the chili should be at a slight boil, turn heat back a bit and cook the mixture down to thickness.
    5) at this stage throw on the cheese, cheese to taste. I like 1 or 2 string cheese stick but that's just me using whats left in the fridge.

    FYI - This stuff tastes 100x better the next day so if you can, throw it in the fridge and then reheat, you will enjoy it.
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    ...I have got to stop looking at recipes. It's so unfair. Thanks to my ex, I have no fridge freezer, so can't make anything in bulk, or store any perishables, and now it's getting warmer out, the stuff in my cupboard will be prone to spoiling like it was last summer :( Just need to start saving for a new fridge freezer now... :(

    I seem to have about 5 different chilli recipes that I've been given or have read online, so I'm quite tempted, at some point, to try making them all and seeing what similarities and differences there are :)
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    He took the fridge..... that bastard. Id bet good money its got like.. 3 nights worth of takeout left overs and beer in it.
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    He bought himself a crate of Bud today :D

    But I will get a fridge freezer soon. I need one to make/store stuff in bulk, because I have a poor motivation when it comes to sensible food. Lately I've been eating loads of healthy stuff and proper meals, but now I'm finding myself slipping back into my old, bad habits, and want to better myself again :(

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