Best Place to Buy Rope?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by wolf123, May 25, 2010.

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    I know this probably has already been asked but i cant find anything at the search function. I'm wondering what is the best place to buy bondage rope and best type. After internet searching, most sources say nylon 3/8 inch braided but Polypropylene is a good one too. I'm looking for general use about 50 feet of bondage rope. Some of the places i found are

    and google/amazon shopping searches

    Could anyone point me in the right direction please?
  2. L8NightQ

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    Where are you?
  3. L8NightQ

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    If you are in the states, then you should just go into Home Depot (Dom's best store). They have most of the ropes you would need to do 80% of what we like to do. They also sell chains, and most of the parts to make simple props that we like to use.

    When you say 50 ft are you saying that that's all you need? In my experience two of your shortest ropes will be half of that (12 ft). My guess is that at the very beginning you need at least two 12's and at least one 24 or 36. But that's your choice.

    I'd stay away from Poly and go with twisted or braided nylon at 1/4" (just over 6mm) or a little bigger, 3/8" can make some big knots.

    There is a similar thread that was done within the last two weeks. See if you can read up on that one.
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    Also, watch out for rope that has a stiff core. While sturdy, it's difficult to get it to bend where you want and can be a pain in the ass to tie.

    I recently found a great substitute for rope at, of all places, Kohl's Dept Store. In the Men's section belt rack, I found some great Croft and Barrow leather belts. They're made of braided leather, with holes spaced about every quarter inch all the way down the length of the belt. They're flexible enough for most ties, cinch perfectly, and they leave a really cool pattern in the skin. They also make that sexy leather creaking when you cinch them and when the sub pulls on them. I bought 8 of them in different lengths from 34" to 46" at about $15 each. Just don't get the reversible ones.
  5. wolf123

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    thankyou very much, ill try that out
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  7. Boundperil

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    Home Depot, Lowes, for ribbon I use AC Moore.
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    Seb - Like your find. Gonna trot over there and take a look. I've used belts like that before and found it very convenient.

    BoundPeril - what ribbon?
  9. Boundperil

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    L8- they make all types of cloth ribbon, the kind you might use for a present or flowers. I had my sub all wrapped up under the Christmas tree one year, oh the needles.....
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    Me like.

    The wheels are turning!
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    I have been told that JT's Stockroom (online store) is good.. Dont know if they also have rope, they might? And it is not like you could get bored on that site ;) There is always the whip/paddle section.. That is beyond fun..

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