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  2. Nuka

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    Hmm not showing for me... any help?
  3. P.S.Eudonym

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    Guess ImageShack doesn't like hotlinking. Other images seem to work fine. Just convert them into clickable links. Quoting your post shows the links though. :p

    Reminds me a little of the depiction of Death in Neil Gaiman's: The High Cost of Living from the Sandman series. That and Alice Cooper. No offense.
  4. Nuka

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    Haha anything in particular for that reminder? :p
  5. Nuka

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    Converted to links :D
  6. P.S.Eudonym

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    Her eyes mostly, I am a big fan of eyes to be honest. The makeup rounds the picture, but the way her eyes sparkle are what triggered the impression.
  7. Nuka

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    I am I love her eyes :)
  8. Frostig

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    Kitty! ^.^
  9. nottsdom

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    great pics. i like the fact there so varied aswell
  10. bdsmguy69

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    You have the most beautiful slave i have ever seen!
  11. Nuka

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    Slave, pet and fiance lol can't get much better, but thank you, I'll be sure to see she knows about it.

    Might be more pics soon.
  12. Nuka

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  14. LyssaTethys

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    pretty photos, some rather "intressting" angles :p
  15. Nuka

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    You know you love them :p

    Welcome back around :)

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