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    Genre: Bondage
    Directed by: Ken Scott
    Studio: AES Productions
    Number of episodes: 51

    C-18 Chloroformed & Bound - Part 9 (448 x 320 25.00fps 1016Kbps)
    C-19 Tape Ties Four (320 x 240 29.00fps 193Kbps)

    CV-100 More Sugar & Spice (544 x 416 29.97fps 512Kbps)
    CV-101 Coffee, Tea, or Rope!! (320x240 29.97fps 384Kbps)
    CV-102 Final Exam (336 x 256 29.97fps 678Kbps)
    CV-104 Stuck At Home (696 x 464 29.97fps 1203Kbps)
    CV-105 College Reunion (720 x 576 23.976fps 1000Kbps)
    CV-108 The Photographer (720 x 528 29.97fps 1300Kbps)
    CV-110 Keep Your Seatbelts Fastened (320x240 29.97fps 256Kbps)
    CV-117 Arrivals & Departures (320x240 29.97fps 384Kbps)
    CV-120 Ransom! (320 x 240 29.00fps 193Kbps)
    CV-128 Code 1299 (320 x 240 25.00fps 384Kbps)
    CV-137 To Catch A Spy (464 x 352 29.00fps 443Kbps)
    CV-142 Bad Career Move (544 x 416 29.97fps 636Kbps)
    CV-156 Cat Burglar (640 x 480 25.00fps 617Kbps)
    CV-161 Trial By Rope (432 x 320 29.97fps 639Kbps)
    CV-162 Surprise Party (704 x 480 29.97fps 899Kbps)
    CV-165 Looking For A Friend (704 x 480 29.97fps 900Kbps)
    CV-171 Missing Cheerleaders (704 x 480 25.00fps 1075Kbps)
    CV-172 Casual Captives (704 x 480 25.00fps 953Kbps)
    CV-177 What Goes Around (544 x 416 29.97fps 900Kbps)
    CV-179 Secret Fantasies (400 x 304 29.97fps 639Kbps)
    CV-181 A Good Idea at the Time (448 x 336 29.97fps 767Kbps)
    CV-201 Final Promotion (320x240 29.97fps 256Kbps)
    CV-203 Long Ride (320x240 29.97fps 256Kbps)
    CV-214 Imposter (720 x 480 25.00fps 1194Kbps)

    KS-3 Captured (272 x 208 25.97fps 392Kbps)
    KS-28 The Return of Girls In Trouble (512 x 384 23.976fps 750Kbps)
    KS-70 Undercover (640 x 480 23.97fps 742Kbps)
    KS-76 Deep Cover (640 x 480 29.97fps 769Kbps)
    KS-77 Tips N' Ass (640 x 480 29.97fps 640Kbps)
    KS-105 Two On One (448 x 336 29.97fps 950Kbps)
    KS-107 Sharing the Wealth (720 x 480 25.00fps 1200Kbps)
    KS-113 Escape From Fear (428x240 29.97fps 256Kbps)

    KSP-8 Get Your Hands Off Me! (640 x 480 29.97fps 639Kbps)
    KSP-23 You Can’t Do This — I’m a Cop!! (640 x 480 29.97fps 640Kbps)

    LE-28 Silent Prisoners (544 x 416 29.97fps 511Kbps)

    PH-30 Girls Gone Bad (544 x 416 25.00fps 613Kbps)
    PH-38 Beauty Pageant (320 x 240 29.97fps 198Kbps)
    PH-57 Identity Theft (544 x 416 29.97fps 640Kbps)

    SC-19 No Place Like Home (640 x 480 29.97fps 719Kbps)
    SC-27 All Roped UP-And No Place to Go! (544 x 408 29.97fps 639Kbps)
    SC-30 Witnesses (512 x 384 25.00fps 1000Kbps)
    SC-36 Inside Job (704 x 480 29.00fps 2024Kbps)
    SC-37 Helping A Friend (640 x 480 29.97fps 767Kbps)
    SC-38 Destination Danger (704 x 480 29.97fps 2006Kbps)
    SC-41 Booting Up (416 x 320 29.97fps 767Kbps)
    SC-43 Undercover Co-eds (320x240 29.97fps 256Kbps)
    SC-48 Late For Dinner (544 x 304 25.00fps 1025Kbps)
    SC-53 Lunch Break (720 x 480 25.00fps 1193Kbps)
    SC-54 We’ll Never Get Loose! (544 x 416 29.97fps 512Kbps)

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