Your #1 Fantasy in short

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Leahsworm, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Leahsworm

    Leahsworm New Member

    My #1 fantasy is to be kept in a jail cell, drugged on psychotropic medications, in bondage and chastity, awaiting the Mistress who owns me, to severely beat me and abuse my cock balls and tits for Her pleasure. I am also septal pierced, tongue pierced, nipples pierced, prince albert pierced, branded, and tattooed with an ownership statement.

    Pretty sick, huh.
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Nah. Eating a dead baby through a park bench is sick.
  3. marky_desard

    marky_desard New Member

    Mine would be nude full contact Mixed Martial Arts fight against an Amazon with a Strap-on, where the winner fucks the loser in a stockade . Or maybe U.S Mixed Doubles style . either way i win in either scenario
  4. bettie_slave

    bettie_slave New Member

    to be a full time, live in slave to my master :) enjoying pony and puppy play. A dog kennel in the back garden :). Treat like a spoilt puppy, as I am always good for my master, and rarely receive beatings :D.
  5. nix

    nix Guest

    to be put in stocks and assfucked by a woman wearing a full body latex suit, gasmask and (obvously) strapon.
  6. SpiritedSub

    SpiritedSub New Member

    You got branded??? How bad did it hurt? What does the brand say? Did it heal up sharply, or is it a big ugly scar?
  7. BruisedNipples

    BruisedNipples New Member

    As short as possible, a somewhat extreme #1 fantasy: Kneeling behind a wooden block on top of a table in a bdsm play room with my elbows tied together behind my back, my upper body wrapped in plastic wrapping with holes for the nipples. My cock is fitted with a tight cock ring at the base. On my knees behind the wooden block, my cock is strapped tightly with 3 or 4 leather straps to the top of the wooden block, which has a spiked top surface.

    My balls are fitted with a ball parachute lined with spikes. They hang behind the wood block that I am strapped to, stretched with weights that are attached to the parachute. There are two mistresses. One of them starts dripping hot wax on my cock and uses a riding crop to whip if off, only to start over and over again with the wax. She adds weights to the ball parachute before she starts dripping the wax again.

    The other mistress binds my nipples at the base with thin wire or tie-rips. She puts alligator clamps on them and adds hanging weights to the clamps until they slowly rip off by the pull. She repeats this 3 or 4 times, so that my nipples are raw from the teeth of the metal clamps tearing at them. She then uses sandpaper to rub my nipples and have them warmed up for the main event.

    She cuts the tie rips off my nipples and pierces both of them at the base with fairly large fish hooks. She then takes a couple of small round metal discs with round holes in the middle and pulls the fish hooks through these. She connects thin but long metal chains to the fish hooks and rigs the chains through a loophole in the ceiling After that, she adds weights to the chains, so that the fish hooks get pulled away from my chest.

    She pushes the metal discs over my stretched nipples and uses a thick needle through my nipple as a back stop behind them. She then makes sure the weights on the chains are heavy enough to stretch my nipples at least an inch and a half from my chest. She takes a couple of smaller needles and pushes them through my nipples up and down and left to right, piercing whatever is left of my stretched skin in front of the metal discs.

    She then takes two somewhat thicker skewer-like needles and pushes each of them straight into a nipple from the front, making sure at least an inch of the needle goes into my nipple. She then also takes a candle and starts dripping hot wax on my pierced and stretched nipples. As the grande finale, she takes two candles and holds the flames where the thick skewer-like needles stick out, heating the pins that are embedded in my nipples.
  8. lee176093

    lee176093 New Member

    I would love to be stripped naked in front of a group. Either all women or mixed. Then forced to lick each person from their feet up to their pussy or cock. Having to make them all cum. That has been a dream of mine for years.
  9. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

    bettie_slave, my long term fantasy is exactly like that ^_^

    However, I do have many rape fantasies where Master takes me into a forest or another desolate area. Or an alleyway.
  10. screaminpeachez

    screaminpeachez New Member

    To be hypnotized repeatedly by a Psycho-therapist and have Him gain mental control over me.
  11. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    Want to find out how bad it hurts?
  12. Blondesin

    Blondesin New Member

    Sounds like The Sexual life of Catherine M(sorry i know its a classic autobiography but not sure of the published year or the publisher. Not off top of my brain)

    Id like to be blindfolded (fully covering mask with air vent), gagged and restrained in multiple positions to a pool table with a combination of ice, hot wax, whips, vibrators, oil (odd but i love the smell of motor oil or it could be any oil), possibly clamps, etc. If youre wondering why the pool table because of the friction of my body against its texture. (To heighten the pleasure more than one cock would be preferred but optional. Ive always wondered what it would be like to have a cock in your pussy, your ass, and your mouth at the same time.)
  13. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

    Number one fantasy

    My Mistress always uses my mouth when She needs a wee and will occasionally allow me the honour of taking her poo, She also like red sports but has not yet put them all together, therefore my number one fantasy is to be my Mistress’s complete toilet for the duration of Her period, taking all her bodily wastes including of course nail clipping, spit etc. etc.
    Hopefully it is only a matter of time.
  14. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo New Member

    My first fantasy (which is still alive today) was to be cockless and balless, totally smooth and clean, with nothing banging down there.

  15. Do you really want to know?

    I kidnap a banker..handsome guy typically wearing a suit, eloquent and in short every mother-in-laws dream. Four Dominant Masters assist me, gagging him while he resists og tries to scream. We bind him and throw him in the back of a truck and drive off to a remote factory-type building.

    I interrogate him - wanting a code to a vault or something like that. I throw water in his face, rip his shirt open, spit on him, slap him and yank his hair. I haven't removed the gag all honesty I don't really care about the code, I just want to torment him.

    I grab his crotch and squeese his balls as he screams in anguish, thereafter I knock him out cold with a blow to his temples. When he wakes up, I have had him stripped and the Dominant males are all observing him. I allow them all to ravish the handsome naked prisoner while I sit calmly and enjoy the sight.

    When they're all done with him, I get them to hold him down while I pierce his back with several flesh-hooks, connect them with rope and suspend him in midair by his own flesh. He can't move or he'll increase pressure on the hooks and tear himself. I blindfold him, put clamps on his dangling cock and nipples...then I proceed to whip him with my riding crop and single tail. When he's all covered in marks...I stand back...and watch him...dick fully erect, standing to attention...his screams transformed into moans of pleasure...his lips calling my name behind the ballgag while tears are running down his cheeks. I kiss them away...get the males to cut him down and carry the used man - now my slave to my bed, where the real game can begin.

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