Young sub - old master/mistress

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by KinkyPink, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. KinkyPink

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    How common is for young sub to have older master or mistress?

    I have a dream: me and wife happily married both of us in our fifties or sixties, kids no longer live with us, we have a young student as a slave and living with us. She or he does lot of chores with some kinda twist ;) - also, never wears clothes, unless ordered to do so and in many cases that's propably even more humiliating. Both me and wife dominate her/him.

    I've never been loved and I don't see that happening too fast, I have a professor/engineer type of personality. :(
    I guess I'm naive, I do believe in love and see no point in one night stands. :confused:

    I also have a fantasy where I'm a sex slave for an old bearded fat black man. I'll describe that in another post later.

    So I guess in my case that goes both ways, as do I :p
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    Well, I've just turned 26 and my master is coming up 50. I'll let him speak for himself on this subject, but the fact that he is almost twice my age is a real turn on.

    It gives him more of a natural authority, I guess, plus he's had loads longer to experiment with things and get really good at them, and to work out what he likes and doesn't like. The fact that I am the one to introduce him to one or two brand new things is a really powerful thing for me, as is when we occasionally switch roles and I make him my little bitch, because there is something really satisfying about the thought of pushing someone older around like that.

    I am hoping at some point to get intimate with another woman. My master has mentioned wanting to make me go down on other women, which I would really love, but the thought of this woman being considerably older excites me beyond all reason ;)
  3. KinkyPink

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    Young women with older women is a huge turn on for me too. I can feel my blood pressure rising when I think about an old woman approaching a younger woman (in kitchen or living room) from behind caressing her breasts and liking her ear. The expression on the young woman's face: mixture of disgust and lust (and shame brought by lust despite of disgust).

    So romantic...
  4. Interesdom

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    I find that age is not so important in being able to dominate, control and guide, although there are some generic differences. I'm now in my fifties.

    My last slave was only a few years younger than me; the girl before that (who never made it to be my slave) was about 25 years younger (I have a daughter older than her). Both obeyed, both provided fulfilment and both gained by my domination.

    Having a younger girl is fun and the age difference usually does come into effect in the way that she will naturally defer to me as a parent-type figurehead. So long as she works hard and is pleasing, her exuberance, naiveté and vitality can make an interesting counterpoint to my experience, wisdom and command.
  5. Ms.sub13

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    My master is only one year older than me. But I see alot of young women with older men.

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