You know you're a sub when.....

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    Click here for more. behave badly on purpose, knowing the punishment will have you tied to the bed for 3 or 4 hours. HA!! Now I can get the nap I wanted and someone ELSE has to make dinner! Not so dumb now, am I?? :p

    ......your coworkers and boss are always impressed at what a good employee you are: "You're so good at following directions, Nohvi!" Yeah, well....
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    Click here for more.
    Hahahaha yes.

    I was weeding the garden and came in sweating. I was grabbing some ice and my husband said you look hot. I told him I am. Next thing I know I had ice water going down my head. Yes he dumped ice water on me. I was squealing from the cold while he laughed his ass off. OK after the shock wore off it felt nice since I was really hot.

    So then the next day he has a large plastic cup of ice water he just poured. He tips it for the first sip and I swear I was overtaken by aliens or something. I hit the cup making the water go all down the front of him. He gave me his evil oh you will get it for that. Sadly I did not have an escape route planned so I only made it a few steps when I ran. xD

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