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    Hey All,

    For the last few years I have turned my Xmas vacation into a bondage "vacation" that consists of several self-bondage adventures. As an added change, this year I want to open up and share my predicaments to the world. This year I want to be challenged this year so I'm hoping some of you can provide me with some challenging scenarios. As return, I'll document the challenge in detail, and include pictures (if possible). Heck, if someone can tell me how to do a webcast, I'll even pickup the webcam equipment and do a live broadcast. Also, if anyone is in the Toronto, Canada area and would like to be a dom, I could be persuaded to open my doors...

    The following is an inventory of my toys. I can post pics if needed.

    - Metal Wrist & Ankle Shackles
    - Hospital type locking leather Wrist & Ankle Restraints
    - Locking Leather Posture Collar
    - Locking metal collar
    - Locking Metal Belt /w several attachment points.
    - Leather Ball Gag Trainer (Light)
    - Leather Ball Gag Trainer (Full face)
    - Homemade Bit Gag

    Sex Toys:
    100x Rough Rider Condoms
    1x Metal Dildo /w internal rattling ball (6" long x 2.25" wide)
    1x Metal Dildo /w shaft covered in bumps (6" long x 2.25" wide)
    1x Metal Dildo /w shaft covered in bumps (7" long x 2" wide)
    2x Rubber 2.25" black butt plugs
    1x Black Bullet Plug (7" long x 2.75" wide)
    1x Hollow Dildo (6" x 2.25 wide")
    1x Black Vibrating Dildo (6" x 2.25")
    1x Big Inflatable Dildo (inflates to 3.5" and is 8" long)
    1x Sm Inflatable Dildo (Inflates to 2")
    1x Sm pink dildo (5"x1.5")
    *note* all of the metal dildos can be locked into place.

    Bondage Furniture:
    - Metal Scavengers Daughter
    - Various Wood Spreader Bars
    - Spreader Bar / Erector (ankle spreader bar that has a center bar where you can attach a dildo pole to)
    - Metal hogtie contraption (haven't really figured out how to use properly)
    - Metal Yoke.
    - Stool rigged to mount a dildo
    - Chair with seat removed (only frame)
    - Single Bed w/o mattress rigged for bondage.

    Lots of different lengths of chain
    Various lengths of rope
    Enema equipment
    Butcher's twine
    Rough bundling twine
    Lots of padlocks
    1x Key Holder Combo Lock (has an internal structure that you can lock keys)
    8x Rolls of Silver Duct Tape
    1x Roll of black duct tape
    3x Rolls of Clear Packing Tape
    3x rolls of electrical tape
    Ear Plugs
    Spray Glue
    Permanent Markers
    Bamboo Skewers
    Clover Nipple Clamps (connected and singles)
    Clothspins that are connected (for a zipper)
    A Lot of newspapers (enough to bury a person)
    Exercise bike / rower
    Various Candles & butane torch
    Beer & Wine bottles.

    Hopefully I haven't missed anything but as you can see, I have a lot of different combinations.

    Regarding what you can suggest, I am open to almost anything that won't leave a permanent mark. Some of the things I've done in previous years are a "tar & feathering" (sprayed glue all over my naked body and rolled around in feathers), duct tape mummification directly to skin, walking billboard (glued various pornographic pics on my body then locked into the erector), chained up overnight in my garage and various outdoor hikes (there is a park close to my house), chained up then buried in newspaper, various duct tape scenarios. Chained up and release key was taped inside a copy of newspaper - only trick is that there were 1000+ copies.

    Anyways, this is the first time I've asked for suggestions from the public so I hope it goes well.

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    Thats cool, can upload the photoes of your best devices.

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