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  1. Ceilidh

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    I am currently running on 4.5 hours of crappy sleep. That was about 16 hours ago and I still have about 24 more hours of no sleep to go. Hopefully I will be allowed to take a nap tomorrow...Anyways my point is I'm tired and I have had this question in my head ALL day long (it is starting to get annoying because I want an answer to it), So I hope I make sense and word it right.

    Doms: What is the most memorable/worst (even most creative/unusual) punishment you have given to your sub? Or perhaps a punishment you had to give to your sub that as also difficult for you to give? Perhaps a wonderful one you have thought of that haven't been given an excuse to give?

    subs: basically the same question.....What is the most memorable/worst punishment you have recieved? And why you were being punished in the first place?

  2. sillylittlepet

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    I hate being cold, even in the summer I don't really like getting in pools or lakes or any of that.
    So one day I was particularly mouthy and as punishment my master tied me up and rubbed ice cubes all over the sensitive parts of my body, he even inserted it inside!!! D': it was like a torture I was never going to escape from...
    Now when I'm super bad he threatens me by saying he'll build a dildo made of ice (since he found a "how-to" online) and it makes me want to cry
  3. Sub4Life

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    I posted this in another thread. Iwill just paste it here, because it was the worst punishment I have ever had.....

    "My Master once told me that he had invited a bunch of his friends over to play with me. I am shy and don't like the ideas of being with more than one partner, and He always tells me that as long as I am good and he is happy with me he wont share me.

    He also says that he loves me to much to let any other man touch what belongs to him. I had snapped at him and full out refused sex. (I am not allowed to do this, but if I say absolutley no he wont force me. He says raping someone is the absense of control because you dont have them mentally.)

    So he told me to losen me up he was going to let all his friends have me. I was terrified, not only of being used by a bunch of strangers but of the fact that if he was allowing this than he either lost interest, didnt love me, or didnt want me anymore, and I was ablutley desperate to get back into his good graces. I begged at his feet, cried, pleaded, kissed his feet, crawled on the floor behind him, but he refused to budge. When the doorbell rang I was in tears and shaking, and he told me to answser the door, and told me it was his friends.

    After a few harsh words from him I walked over to the door, crying and shaking and opened it. And It was the Goddam Pizza guy! He never called his friends and just did it as a punishment. After he paid he cuddled me on his lap while I cried. (rush of emotion and sheer releif.)

    He still laughs about it... I didnt find it funny, and I had nightmares for a few weeks but I have not refused him since..."
  4. Tarynsslave

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    My most memorable punishment was when Mistress Taryn presented my with a locking butt plug harness and a cruel promise to keep it locked on me. At that time, I was struggling with poor disobedience levels and a disrespectful attitude so Mistress left me little room for disagreement and I have been wearing my butt plug 24/7 ever since (see my forum topic "Butt plug 24/7?" from Fall 2008).

    Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson in the importance of obeying my Mistress regardless of my personal feelings. She's the one in control.

  5. stray79

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    The worst punishment for me was not to be allowed in His presence. To be totally ignored. He knew how awful that was for me and used it frequently. i'm not talking a few hours, i mean days or even weeks.

    The pain was much easier to bear for me, though i dreaded it at first. The belt, the pegs, the clamps, the cane were usually used as an opportunity to offer my pain for His pleasure. Though i feared the pain i began to crave it. Not in a sexual way, but a spiritual way. It's hard to explain the feeling. It was like i was sinking and everything disappeared but Him and i.
  6. sebastian

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  7. Tumbl3

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    The most memorable punishment I ever gave my bratty sub had to be when I sucked on his toes. He *hates* feet, and hates having anything to do with him. As I've said, he's a brat, and during dinner he had stolen some of my food off my plate. Since he took three things, I sucked on three separate toes and made him watch.

    ^_~ I can't tell you the worst punishment I've thought up, but I hope I never have to use it. It will be extremely hard for me to carry out. I wish I could say more, but I expect my brat to be joining the forum soon, and I can't let him know what's in store for him ^^
  8. Ceilidh

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    I understand Tumbl3. I can also understand what your sub went through with his feet issue. I have a friend who also hates feet. I don't see what is wrong with them. I acutally like my feet.:)

    And I must say, all of these punhisments have been very creative!:D
  9. Tumbl3

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    See I don't have a problem with them either. It's just like, "Meh, they're feet. I can always brush my teeth.".

    I agree, they've definitely given me some ideas. Since my brat is such a...well, brat (lol), I've been having problems disciplining him. These have helped, though. Hope more people post.
  10. tumbl3's brat

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    The worst punishment i ever got in my opinion, is going on currently and i expect will go on for a lot longer. See i am kind of nosey and i like to know everything. My dom (tumbl3) currently says she might punish me tomorrow but she won't tell me if she will, i know what i did, so it's not without merit, but the not knowing wether she will or not is driving me insane!!! sigh ya that is my worst one
  11. stray79

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    It would usually be because i would try to debate an issue with Him. He expected immediate obediance, without question.
  12. stray79

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    i'm curious to know what the different opinions about a sub/slave being "bratty"? i've always found it interesting how some Dom/me's find it a challenge to have a bratty sub/slave, some find it amusing, and some simply do not tolerate that sort of behavior.
  13. Tumbl3

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    ^^ I, for the most part, find it amusing. It also gives me a great sense of accomplishment since I've broken my brat of the worst of his bratty nature.
  14. шалфей

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    As twisted as that was, its fucking brilliant. абсолютно блестящий
  15. WmaGuy

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    Among the most memorable:

    I got into my car on a frosty winter morning a few years ago and tied to my steering wheel was a black nylon stocking, (of which I am a sucker for). Attached to it was a perfumed piece of stationery with the following: "This weekend, I want to test and explore my limits - will see you at 7 - Love, Me"

    I could barely concentrate at work - the minutes ticked by like hours. I don't even remember driving home, or stopping at the wine store. All I know is I walked through the door with a bottle of Moet to my girlfriend kneeling in the middle of the candlelit kitchen. She was fully decked out in everything that so gets my attention: Bodystocking, spike heels, leather wrist/ankle cuffs, collar, lead, body harness. She presented me with a new black leather riding crop and then brought her chest fully to the floor - silently inviting me to test it on her backside, (which I obliged). The evening leading up to the 'punishment' was story-worthy in itself, (perhaps one day), but to the point of this thread, I'll skip to the following:

    Back then, we enjoyed a little "smoke" now and again. I put a little in a pipe for us while I went to gather some things for us to play with. When I returned, I noticed she had smoked the entire contents of the pipe, which wasn't much, or unusual - except for this moment. I said to her: "Did you save any for me?" To which she replied: "I didn't know I was supposed to". "Great I replied, that's all there was". As she was about to utter a reply, I said: "Don't say another fucking word" and as she started to, I firmly placed my hand over her mouth, while I reached with the other for the panel gag and blindfold. What came after that was an erotic blur of multiple hours of strict bondage, nipple clamps, whips, paddles, wax, different gags, hoods, ice, 'forced' oral/anal sex and beyond. I even took breaks and left her trussed for long periods - only to come back and go again. When she was gagged loosely enough to speak, she never once came close to uttering our safe word, and when unable to speak, never came close to a finger snap, leg kick or cut sign, (or safe non-words)...This despite going into strictness levels well-beyond what we had considered "norm". I felt challenged by this testing of limits, (as did she) - almost at times defied by her resistance to break. It was amazing, intense - scary even, but also loving....It was a cementing experience for us....
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