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    could anyone help me pls?

    I have a little collection of short prewiev wideos which i find most arousing - and for some reason i cannot open those which are in wmv format. (i used to be able, no idea what the problem might be)

    I do not have a pop-up window blocker. There should be a little gray box asking is i want to save or open it.- I can get the box with Ie but not with firefox. Even when i just try to open it with explorer, it would not open, only if i save it. but i do not want to save everything i watch once, and i want to use firefox as i used to.

    Has anyone any idea?

    here a few of the problematic sites:
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    Hello CuriousGirl,

    To view .wmv files you need either a multimedia player such as RealPlayer, or Windows MediaPlayer. Alternately to view the .wmv format video in your browser (IE or Firefox) You need to have the correct plugin installed to play the appropriate video format. I would suggest that you download and install the default Microsoft MediaPlayer (its free) directly from Microsoft as That installation should also install the correct plugin for your browser. The latest version is 'Windows Media Player, version 11.0) and you can get it free at this location:


    Maybe it or the plugin was installed on your system at one point in the past and it somehow was corrupted. Anyway installing this should fix all your problems and you can either download a .wmf file or view it directly in your browser. I hope this helps you

    You can also either re-install your FireFox, or go to Firefox's Homepage and try to find the appropriate (.wmv) Plugin. In all likely-hood this is what has created the problem you now have but didn't before.

    Allan Leino

    [email protected]
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  3. curiousgirl

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    Thx for the help, i managed to fix it.

    I have tried to re-setup firefox too, but didnt get the desired result.
    Now i can watch all my favourits again, thx a lot:)

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