Why do I get upset and angry when...?

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    My little sister is 5 years old, and im 16
    we are 11 years apart, and my mum always says "i cant beleive she is already 5" "my little princess"
    "she's my baby girl"

    like i get so mad, why would my parents have another kid, when im 11 years older and my sister is 14 years older than her.
    it gets me so mad, and its not like i get upset because she's the smallest and i want attention, like i dont care but i dont understand.

    me and my mum dont have a very good relationship, she's always mad at me,
    i dont care id rather be out with my friends than family.
    like its not like im jelous of her, cause im not.

    i just dont get it,
    do you?
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