Why did I freeze when I locked eyes with a random man?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by InversedRapunzel, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I was out for drinks with my sister last weekend and just happened to lock eyes with a man about halfway across bar from us. Something about him was so intense and...knowing, maybe? I'm not sure that's the right word. It just seemed like he knew what I was. I have never told anyone about being submissive besides a former boyfriend and a supposed Dom I meet on the Internet who turned out to not be that. But although I knew he couldn't really know, I just felt like he knew everything. He didn't look and I couldn't look away. I was stuck and my heart was racing and I was scared to death. I was scared he'd try to come over to our table. That he would tell my sister what I really am, who wouldn't approve. That he would demand my number or something worse. That I wouldn't be able to say no if he did. At the same time I almost hoped he would do one of those things, besides telling my sis. And I thought all those things in abt 2 seconds. Then I went blank. I don't know for how long, but I didn't hear anything anymore besides my heart, which I felt everyone could probably hear too. I just saw his eyes that felt like they were physically holding me in place. Next thing you know I'm slipping off the front of those high ass bar chairs. Normally I'd be embarrassed but I was honestly too scared, confused, and, I realized later, aroused. My heart was sprinting and my hands sweaty. Then it penetrated that my sister was calling my name and asking me what the hell that was about. I didn't look at him again and got my things together, telling her I had to leave. Which annoyed her since we had just gotten their. But I took her keys and rushed out.
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    It sounds like it was just nerves and infatuation, but I wasn't there.
  3. sebastian

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    Lots of submissive freeze up or get very still when a dominant touches them. It's a sign that they're waiting to be used, a gesture of receptivity. Since you don't know the man, you were probably projecting your desires onto him and hoping that he would take some action.

    Enjoy the moment for what it was, a brief moment of fantasy lived out in real life.

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