Who would you like to have dominated?

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who do you like too dominated?

  1. Monica

  2. Jackie

  3. Monica and Jackie

  4. Lesbian dominated Monica

  5. Lesbian dominated Jackie

  6. Lesbian dominated Monica and Jackie

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. potters

    potters New Member

    Do you like too dominated one of theese?

    Woman on left: Monica, beind the camera in white.

    Woman on right: Jackie, weatherwoman in black.

    What do you like too do with they?

    You can choose so many you want.

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  2. The one on the right. tied down and spanked
  3. potters

    potters New Member

    I like bound and helpless.
  4. kowasky

    kowasky New Member

    The one on the left... hogtied and cleavegagged
  5. alpaccino

    alpaccino New Member

    i will go with Monice .. bound, collared and hogtied 3:)
  6. acko85

    acko85 New Member

    I love big breasts. I would be tied to the bed Jackie
  7. Milenka

    Milenka Banned

    The one on the right.

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