Whipping-What's the best way to find somebody to engage in it?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by RS24, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. RS24

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    I've had girlfriends who I have experimented with, but I've never had one who was into exactly what I was. My main fantasy is being strung up, having my shirt ripped off and whipped (also doing the same to the girl). My last girlfriend would sort of do this but she was doing it more because it was "kinky" and her exact words were "I'm up for anything". Sounds great but I've figured out that if the girl is not into it then it kinda takes away from the whole thing. I've been hesitant to do this but the odds of meeting a girl who is into exactly what I am are slim. What's the best way to go about meeting someone online who's into this and willing to engage? I'd think Atlanta is big enough that there's a girl somewhere that gets aroused by giving or receiving an old fashioned back whipping...
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    A lot here depends on two questions:
    1) What do you mean by 'whipping'? Do you mean using an Indiana Jones-style single-tail whip, or do you mean using a multi-tail flogger? The two experiences are quite different. Floggers are much less harsh on the body than a single-tail is; unless a flogger has very harsh tails (such as ones with barbs on them) and unless you do it aggressively, it is unlikely to break the skin, whereas a single-tail will almost certainly break the skin. It will definitely leave substantial marks. Remember, single-tails were used for corporal punishment for a reason. They also are much harder to learn to control than a flogger is.
    2) How much experience have you have with being flogged (using a flogger)? If you have never been flogged, you are not ready for a single-tails. They are the extreme end of pain play.

    My advice, assuming you're a novice with impact play, is that you explore floggers first and make taking a single-tail a goal to work toward.

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