Whipped until I bleed?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Tylen, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Tylen

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    I really want my dom to do this to me. I had a past relationship where my dom did this and I loved it and found it to be incredibly erotic. I don't want the crap beat out of me with a belt, but I do want to be hit with a whip until welts form and I start to bleed. My dom/lover will not consent to this at all. He says there is no way he's hurting me beyond what we already do, and none of it involves leaving marks on my body at all (beyond a few bruises from intense spankings). Is there a way to convince him that this is safe as long as I agree to use my safeword if he goes too far? Should I just forget it? Is this something some subs like to have done to them? I might sound disturbed to some people (I hope not) but I have always loved watching scenes in movies where a person is whipped until they bleed as a form of torture. I would always imagine myself in that person's place and it was always such a turn on. I love my dom's whips and really want him to buy a "tougher" whip to beat me with until I bleed for him.

    I would also be willing to do knife play or general blood play with him if I can convince him that we can do it safely. I want to bleed for my man (safely). I find bleeding for a dom to be insanely hot. I hope I'm not alone with this. I've looked it up online, and most of what I find are doms using a sub's request to be beaten bloody an excuse to abuse them. If it is consensual (and the SUB is asking, dom refusing), I don't think it is abuse at all. At least, if it is, I like it.
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  2. sebastian

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    Yes, some subs enjoy being beaten until they draw blood. Some take pride in being able to receive that sort of pain play. So you're not a freak. You are, however, fairly far along toward edge play, so I might consider you an extreme sub, at least on this measure. Your dom is clearly reluctant to harm you; he may be afraid to injure you, or he might be afraid of what heavy pain play would say about him morally.

    I think your best bet would be to ask him to do a heavy session with you as a special treat for you, maybe a birthday or something like that. So the idea here is that he's going out of his comfort zone as a special thing for you, as a one-time thing. Promise him you'll safe word if it gets too much for you and agree that he can stop if your welts start to bleed. Then, if it goes well, talk to him about his feelings. Maybe he can work through them, or maybe he'll agree to repeat the one-time session on special occasions as a gift for you. But don't make the mistake of being a selfish sub. Lots of sub guys get so focused on their kinks that they start pushing to indulge that kink every time they have sex, which can be very frustrating if their partner doesn't really share the kink.

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