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    So this is my first contribution here, and this is a translation from the first chapter of a story written in another language - I do in fact not write in English at all. So if it does not make sense it is all my fault! :p
    I have written M/f domination stories, also those involving multiple men or females, even one with a female dominant. So it was only a question of time before I tried my hand on a female-female situation.

    **Warning** If you were looking for a loving SM story, go look somewhere else. This one is not anything such. :devil:


    The savage
    By Aibo

    Chapter: When roleplaying go wrong

    The mistress stepped into the basement cell where the slavegirl was held.
    She have been brought down there and chained by neck and legs after one weeklong ordeal of piercing and tattooing that have left her completely shocked.
    Barely conscious and blindfolded she had been strapped into a chair and gagged.
    She had no idea where she had been or who had done this assault on her body.
    The shock had not abated when she found herself in a chained in what looked like a medieval torture chamber.

    Fettered to the middle of the floor by a short chain locked to irons round her ankles, and with her arms bound together by a leather contraption holding her arms bound wrist to elbow behind her back she had been unable to raise herself up into a sitting position. Ending up lying on her side on the painted concrete floor.
    A pool of saliva have formed under her chin, the massive gag in her mouth came with a rather large hole that had left her drooling on the floor while she had been unconscious.
    Wondering about her whereabouts and what actually have happened to her aching body she tossed her entangled hair out of her face and attempted to inspect what had been down to her.
    The movement made her realise that her neck was covered by what she thought was a very high posture collar, yet one that was strangely unyielding.
    She was distraught when finding that she had been completely covered by tattoos all the way down to the feet. Not able to see her own head she could not know what her face looked like, but she feared the worst since the sensitive skin of her face that still ached from the work done by the needle.

    Some were graphic patterns, but on the chest, stomach and thighs there were also symbols of magical beasts from a mythology she was unable to identify.
    In addition she also have also received a number of piercings, trough the lips but also the labret, multiple tragus piercings with bars, plus rings trough the areola of her breasts.
    The rings of the breasts had gotten further ornamented by odd jewellry that looked like long ornamented bars made from a brasslike metal with a set of faintly chiming pendants hanging by the end.
    But the one she considered to be the worst were the large golden ring in her septum making her think she must look like a savage. And even though she did know it yet, it was in fact the exact purpose.

    She hear the rattling of locks on the heavy door.
    And in steps her female lover that she had a fabulous weekend affair with the previous month.
    She were dressed in a long white gown, as if she had just arrived from a formal reception. But she immediately removed it and revealed what she had beneath. A piece of leather gear that barely covered her breasts and the sides of her torso only held together by two wide leather straps leaving the stomach open and only uniting to cover her crotch region. In one hand a cane suddenly appeared, swinging back and forth as she continued to speak.
    'Now see here, you have finally awakened and you really look like a fantastic piece of art don't you.' She said with a her head cocked to the side, and the slow slurry speech of someone who were somewhat tipsy.
    'I have been partying all night to celebrate your return to me, you did fine in our domination games some weeks back. But now the time has come to play a very different game.'
    She bent down and inspected the body, poking her with the cane, grinning when the poor captive twitched and whimpered in fear.
    'I guess you wonder about all the modifications I let my kinky tattoo and piercing do to you.
    The purpose is simple, to set the stage for the roleplaying game we're going to play together down here for a long time. Now that I am a lesbian, did not stop me from this idea that that you are a savage woman of a tribe that have killed both my husband and my children.'
    With the tone of a lecturer she continued to speak while walking around the dungeon. As she would touching the various instruments of torture, racks, whips and a very small looking cage with her free hand.
    'I could not come up with one good idea what kind of savage you were supposed to be, but I guess you're some kind of dangerous cannibal.
    In the end I came up with the great idea of combining the most delightful elements from several cultures. So you got the tattooed face of a Maori, combined with a ringed neck collar fashioned in the same way as the Karen longnecks in South-east Asia. Though yours comes with some interesting additions. First there are rings front and back so you can be chained, and secondly there's a lever to the side that acts as one garrotte so that I can strangle you if you ever would try to resist.'
    She continued while a leer or malicious intent spread on her face.
    ”And I will do anything in my power to exacting my revenge on you for that horrible murder of my family. There will never be a tender moment, only one endless stretch of suffering for you, day by day, night after night!”
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    'No more silly games'

    Ending her long harangue, the woman span on her heel and walked out closed the door and a key could be heard clicking as the light went out. Thus leaving Pilar, as were the name of the victim on the floor wondering what actually had happened.
    After some time the light went on again. At first she expected someone to enter the dungeon again, and she held a faint hope for release. But after some time the light went out again, for no reason that she could comprehend.

    She were no stranger to the woman who had abducted her, but have seen each other over the course of the last months. Playing various games of domination and submission. The idea of being kidnapped were one idea that Pilar had fantasized about. But this assault on her body and mind were far beyond anything she could ever have imagined.
    Likewise she could very well have found the way she had been trussed up arousing, though it were also quite uncomfortable.
    She tried to shift her body, only to feel her newly tattooed, and so sensitive skin scraping against the floor and so Pilar gave up on the effort and remained as she were.
    After a long time spent in darkness, her senses blurred and her desperation increased, but eventually Moira returned. She had now put on one dark evening dress, but added one over-the-bust corset on top.
    As if no time had passed Moira stated: 'I will start on your true suffering here and now, by letting you taste the whip.' said Moira and walked over to a rack of torture instruments hanging from a nearby wall while she continued her monologue.
    'I guess you tell yourself how horrible all this is that have been done to you. But you have no idea on how far I intend to take this. I have roleplayed the mistress and slave scenario many times. Also with you Pilar, I know you enjoyed them! But I cannot promise there will be any enjoyment at all for you this time around.'
    She picked up a rather short and thick whip and started to stroke it over Pilar´s body with slow moves. Then suddenly she pulled her hand back with a fluid movement making the end snap that left a welt running over Pilar´s thigh, she then repeated the slow movements for a moment, then to suddenly make the whip snap again, this time over the buttocks.
    Moira gloated for a while looking down at the hapless girl who obviously still were in a bit of chock only whining quietly and making faint movement down by her feet.
    'But I have played the games of make believe so many times it nearly made me sick, and I have built up quite some pressure to let go of all considerations for my partner and make it real. And so I decided to go for a live event as full metal Sadist!'
    She giggled at her own pun and continued: 'It has been said that ultimate truth is a very personal thing. And for the ultimate truth will be to act out this scenario for as long as it gives me the pleasure of inflicting the most intricate and painful tortures on someone who deserved to be treated in the worst possible way! For you Pilar, the rules will be simple: There will be absolutely no talking back, all you will be allowed to say is 'Thank you mistress' and 'I am so sorry, I deserve your rightful punishment.' Oh any slight variation thereof could be tolerated, remember that you were part in the murder of the roleplayed family of mine. There will be a few more rules for you but I will get to those later just before we launch this and go live.'
    'Any breach of those rules will result in a most severe punishment. So yes, lets try some of the other equipment I have brought here for you. You get a taste of what one punishment could be like, and I will consider this a try our session when I learn how to use these tools properly.'
    For Pilar the following hours were a long horrendous nightmare that were like a red fog over all her senses, though one item stood out in her memory for a long time afterwards. It were a contraption that fit over her head, in front it had a metal ringgag keeping her mouth open, and with multiple thin chains ending with hooks and clamps where three hooks were inserted in her nose, and another 2 in the sides of her mouth whereas the clamps were used on her eyebrows, ears and lips. Tears were running down her face trough this ordeal, from the pain and the shame of being so utterly helpless.
    In the end Moira went back to using the whip and she did not stop until Pilar´s body were crisscrossed by whippings, and she declared that it might be enough of a start for breaking her for the scenario they soon would start on acting out.
    “Well now it is soon morning,” she said. “So I will catch a nap and so put you in your first real predicament while I am away for the day,” said Moira and brought a head harness and strapped it around the head of the hapless girl. This went on top of the contraption with hooks and clamps already on her head, then adding padlocks to three strategic points making it completely unremovable.
    Moira completed her preparations by unlocking the chain holding her ankles, she then wheeled in a contraption marked my a mechanic shop sticker from a corner of the room “Now lets pull your legs up here,” said Moira and started to pull a lever up and down.
    “This is actually one Engine hoist that I got for a bargain, but I see already how it will come to good use for you. Now lets release a bit of the tension on that leg for a moment.”
    She released the chain going to the left leg and immediately stepped up and pressed down with both hands folding the leg by the knee then to lock it by a shorter length of the chain to the armbinder.
    After repeating the set of actions with the right leg she then pulled a wide belt around the slavegirls waist. “This is needed so that you will not try to roll around to get into a more comfortable position.” In the end she pulled one piece of the loose end of chain to the top of the head-harness and locked it to a d-ring at the crown of the head with another padlock.
    She stood back and admired her handywork, then turned around and as she went out the door she said. “Good night to you now, even though I doubt you will sleep, you will at least have one interesting night.” And with a small wave of her hand the door closed and the light went out leaving Pilar in darkness, to suffer alone, her body on fire from the severe torture it had been subjected to.
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    i very much liked this . thank Y/you for that wonderful extract :) x
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    any continuation for this story?
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    when will the continuation be posted?thanks

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