When do you know to submit truly without hesitation?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by zaika, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. zaika

    zaika New Member

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    I ve got a question!

    I am still young, and inexperienced in this world! Thus hereby i would like to ask advise from all of you.. when do you know that you can fully submit yourself to a Mistress/Master?
    Do you know at the first meeting straight away.. this has potential. or arrrghhh no way!

    Please let me know!
  2. george_

    george_ New Member

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    if you get shaky and exited when you are with youre master mistres than you know that you will do almost anything ive been there sadly she wasnt dominant enough
  3. Salamanta

    Salamanta New Member

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    If you want to experience true submission to a woman, then lay aside your male pride and humble yourself by submitting to her. Once she begins to take charge, allow her. It will not be easy at times but that is where this lifestyle comes in.

    As your submissive desires will grow, allow them to overtake you. Submission is a desire but it is also a decision. And the more you submit to women, the stronger that desire to submit to women will grow and thus it will become easier to submit.

    But keep in mind there should be a special woman for you, you shouldn't humble yourself and submit any woman. And when you meet this woman, you will feel it is Her with your heart, and you'll feel the moment. And once you begin to submit her, she will help to develop your submission as your submission will feed off of her dominance and thus it will grow even stronger. I wish you success in your journey.
  4. Magrathea

    Magrathea New Member

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    I'm new as well, so this ends up being more a question than anything else. To the above post, Salamanta, I understand. I submitted, and I truly gave up my pride as I was put in a position where I became a bit overwhelmed and started crying. Multiple times. Playtime was immediately stopped so I could calm down. Is this kind of what you mean?

    I wanted nothing more than to continue to submit the following day, if that adds perspective...
  5. lilsadistgirl

    lilsadistgirl New Member

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    I can ususally tell by just speaking to them. It takes a very strong person to submit me fully.
    It is feeling inside you, do you get a errie feeling off a person or a calming effect. IMO i need that calming effect, for my Daddy will have to be calm and stern to ease me through our extreme sessions.

    If you are nervous about submitting to a woman give her your man.... sit in the corner and watch, let him direct her cause he will know your limits, as time goes you will be so hot from watching them and your teasing, you will be willing to serve her without hesitation.
  6. M & m

    M & m New Member

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    In my opinion... will be when you will be sure that He/She will ask you only what you are able to do, seen before He/She teached you How When and Why... this is the Trust, the Confidence, what MUST exist in a Dom/sub relationship, only there you will be sure... in my opinion.
  7. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    i don't think i could agree more. Far too often, some male 'subs' are just hell-bent fetishists topping from the bottom. A real Femdom relationship is, by definition, female led and dominated. It takes practice and time, but real submission requires you to let go of your preconditioned feelings about control and order. Males often encounter additional obstacles in overcoming pretentious egos- i know i did for sure. i considered myself submissive for sure, but was i really able, let alone, willing, to truly submit?
    Before i fully submitted, i had to ask myself whether i was certain about my decision or not. Consider, with your utmost attention, just how much you trust your partner. If you are submitting power to another human being, you better be able to confidently lay your trust in them. i felt safe with my dominant girlfriend, and less than a year later, i became a collared slave for Her.
    When you first submit, live up to your promise and do it. You gave Her control and authority; let Her use it. It takes some getting used to.
    i felt that i had overcome my male ego and became a 'real' slave a few months after being collared. Mistress Taryn implemented a strict training regimen immediately after the collaring ceremony and contract signing.
    A vivid example of laying my trust in Mistress was when She first introduced me to my chastity belt and small arsenal (no pun intended) of butt-plugs along with a locking harness. i was hesitant to experiment with orgasm control and anal training, but Mistress Taryn insisted that they would assist in developing an obedient and submissive attitude in me. my Mistress gave me a choice whether to leave the relationship or stay and submit. After much thought, i changed my mind. i had realized that this woman, whom i trusted dearly, is simply doing Her job as a my Mistress. When both of us were ready, my slave training commenced. After a few months, i can now proudly say that i am a real 24/7 slave serving my Mistress.
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