What's your safe word?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by subspace, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. BA19

    BA19 New Member

    I know what the point is. I'm just saying that I wouldn't use one, 'cuz it'd be too tempting.
  2. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    I use a large acorn style bell like you'd use as a Christmas decoration. Works on carpet and hardwood.
  3. IamKira

    IamKira Active Member

  4. straitjacket

    straitjacket New Member

    Our safe word is "paloauto" = fire truck and that means all stop now.
  5. straitjacket

    straitjacket New Member

    that is little offtopic.

    Color red-yellow-green means

    red - enough
    yellow = you get to decide
    green = much more.
  6. making

    making Active Member

  7. IntExp

    IntExp Active Member

    don't use safeword anymore :(
  8. billvernon2

    billvernon2 New Member


    There's no mistaking this word for another & it means STOP NOW!

    Shouted twice it means STOP & I NEED HELP!

    Try it......it works.
  9. Kayrope

    Kayrope New Member

    Ours is my name. We don't use our normal names when were getting "very naughty", so if she says it, it means games over. She also isn't likely to forget it. (I hope :p )
  10. Jack the Ram

    Jack the Ram New Member

    I like the Orange-Red system. I don't use "Green" because if all is going well, why say anything? XD
  11. slavegirl M

    slavegirl M New Member

    With Mistress I do not have any safe words.
    When I session with clients, as I am a pro sub, I have the safe word "Mercy".
  12. adultfulltilt.com

    adultfulltilt.com New Member

    Love the name of the OP, also our safe word is my first name. She never calls me that unless its serious.
  13. wildnout14

    wildnout14 New Member

    My safe word is cornmeal

  14. Slave Kitty

    Slave Kitty New Member

    Rabbit. Totally works. After all, what kitten wouldnt want everything stopped for the sake of a rabbit;)
  15. enimol

    enimol Active Member

    Stop. But not in english.

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