What's your New Year's Resolutions?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by sebastian, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    So what sort of resolutions are people setting for themselves. Mine are threefold:
    1) Track money more carefully
    2) Watch what I eat--count calories
    3) Figure out how to get back into working out. This one is tricky, because I have a couple irritating medical problems that are disrupting that. But I need get back to weights and regular cardio.
  2. Knots

    Knots Member

    Sebby wants to look after himself more it seems.

    I don't really do the whole resolution thing, but I guess I want to make lots of progress with my research (music scholar) and make lots of progress with my pet.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yeah, well, until I get a boy to look after me, I have to do it all myself.
  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I don't really make them, but I should probably maintain classes, a job, and not fuck up my student loan forms again.

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