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    I am anxiously awaiting a few new toys that should be on my doorstep this afternoon. I thought it would be fun for us to post what new things we all order along the way and if they are worth it. So here is the order from ExtremeRestraints.com that I am waiting for, I will hopefully be able to post a product review after this weekend!

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    ok, so, this may be a silly question, but, that middle pic, is that a pacifier? or a butt plug?
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    Opps, sorry, I tried to link to the original ad that had a product description but couldn't get it to work.
    The first is the Sport Sheets under bed restraint system and the next two pictures are both butt plugs.

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    I LIKE that black plug. Can you post the link for where you got it?
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    you're going to be like a kid on Christmas eve all day... lol

    Hope they come soon!!!

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    I don't like Extreme Restraints any more. They used to do a perfect little doggy tail butt plug, but then they stopped stocking it, and another look now has confirmed that they still don't have it :mad:

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    I saw that before, but my master won't get it because it's made from real fox fur :eek:

    We have this sad (unhappy, not pathetic) little joke, where because there are no doggy tails, I have a horse tail instead, and am therefore the one deformed puppy in the litter and all the other puppies laugh at me and reject me *cries* :(

    The only good thing I can see, about being a puppy with a horse's tail, is that at least if I can find a proper doggy tail, then I could have a nice 'vet' to perform an 'operation' on me... ;)

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    awwww, OLP, thats so sad!!! I will keep an eye out for a puppy tail for you and hopefully one day, you can have your operation! (Think we could write to the Make a Wish Foundation or something? LOL)

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    Hmm...I wonder if they'd grant my wish? :D

    I'd probably end up all over the news then though :rolleyes:

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    :D :D :D
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    Glad I could help!!! :D

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