What Kind of Flogger Do You Use?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Martello, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Martello

    Martello Member

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    I currently have one that is made of a pretty stiff thick leather.
    I'm thinking of getting one of a softer material - looking at suede at the present.

    What do you use?

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    Leather, red and black. I love it, love it, love it. :)

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  4. Martello

    Martello Member

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    Wonderful btw
    I was looking at that same style today, however it was black and pinch. Maybe I'll just buy 5 or 6 dif ones for whatever mood I may fall into. haha

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    It wasn't cheap, but y'know when you see something, and you MUST HAVE IT. :cool:

    OLP likes it too............................... in a special way.
  6. Martello

    Martello Member

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    Without a doubt - you should see my workout gear. It's 100% must have gear.
  7. Martello

    Martello Member

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    Where did you pick it up from?

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    Local sex shop, not a sleazy shop, real friendly, will give you coffee and talk to you for ages about all sorts. Don't have to buy anything either, roomy light and clean there too. Had a load of floggers hanging up, and this one was mine. No doubt.
  9. Martello

    Martello Member

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    Yeah, I'm going to have to hit up Manhattan and see whats what locally. For some reason that place being in Southern Wales just strikes me as classic though.

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    I agree, it's a lovely little shop, and I think they do international shipping too :)

    They have lots of gorgeous stuff there; I saw another flogger that has tails of black braided leather, each of which ended in a sewn leather red rose and leaves, so it was like a perverted bunch of roses :D I would love for us to own that one too, but the one we have already is truly lovely too, it's gorgeous, and leaves lots of stinging and redness :)
  11. Martello

    Martello Member

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    I've seen the rose flogger, I've been eyeing it for a bit now. I think it would look fantastic hanging from the living room wall. I have just the place for it... We shall see.

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    Post pics if you do? :)

    Do you have any pics of the flogger you have now?
  13. Martello

    Martello Member

  14. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    MoP - Very nice choice, and thank you for the pic. I can't quite make out what the real design is..... braided strands?... can't see the ends. Whatever.. looks nice.

    Martello -

    After my first flogger, I had much the same opinion, but someone told me to wait, and get to know my first one really well...... Some of the best advice I've ever gotten.

    The one you have is a classic. It can be used so many different ways, and it will probably always be on your short list for weekends. The number of strands is lower which means it needs a more experienced hand. I personally think the "beginner" model is more versatile and is even more of a classic. I bought that one first and it is still my favorite. It has more strands, so it can carry a fuller, lighter touch for warm-up, then continue on to heavier uses. Lesser, heavier strands mark faster and require more care. The area of impact is smaller also.

    I don't know how long you've been at this, but if the one you have is a little disappointing, you might want to consider the beginner flogger. You may like it better (don't let the beginner thing sway you.... it's a really good one).

    So aside from passing along that first advice, I would suggest that before you move to other, leather or suede floggers you may want to consider a rubber one. The softer floggers just don't get that much use with me since I can use the first one more lightly if I want a softer touch.
    Rubber is different. The strands are very thin and can feel very soft, or very hard depending on how you swing, and which part of the flogger hits your sub. They are also less expensive. I have a short one and a long one. One of them always makes the trip (behind number one). I use the short one for tit and pussy whipping (requires a very understanding touch..... they can really hurt).

    Like I said, my first is my favorite. Almost just like yours. It carries the right threat, but can be used lightly. It can make an easy thud or a hard one and the tips can really sting if you swing it right.

    Please remember that when you aim it, the areas you are hitting are often very close to areas that you don't want to hit with the same force. A womans genital orifice areas are much more sensitive and the tissue is completely different. You hit her there the wrong way.... and she'll think twice about coming back after you release her. It really hurts.

    Sebastian made a comment in another thread that should be repeated here.
    "Whatever you're going to do to your sub - you better try on yourself first."

    I've seen some of the more imaginative floggers that are available, the principle definitely applies here.

    Buy them one at a time. You will accumulate so much stuff that any other choice will seem silly after a few years..... and each one has it's own personality, needing you to spend time with it to really understand. Both the flogger, and your sub deserve that.
  15. Sate_Sprie

    Sate_Sprie Member

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    We just use a belt. It makes a good collar and lead as well, since I'm not collared yet, and the collar I'm getting isn't a play-time one.

    I would like Master to eventually get a flogger, but I have a feeling I would really miss the belt. It was the first thing we ever used. I'm very partial to it, almost like a security blanket I had as a kid.

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