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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Frostig, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Frostig

    Frostig Member

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    I'm completely happy with who I am and what I do. But people tend to get confused by me...

    Most of the time you can tell if someone is submissive or dominate just from talking to them such as being shy or outgoing and sorts. With me though, I seem to be shy with people and have to warm up with them. I don't have the ability to go up to strangers and make conversations about w/e and keep it interesting, and I don't try to pick up on women, I tend to wait to see what they have to say to me. I'm always concern and care for people in which there's nothing wrong with it but more then others.

    The point I'm trying to make is socially and through work I tend to be very submissive but in bed i'm very dominate.. does anyone find this confusing or odd? Just a thought that came to mind, curious on you guy's input
  2. DaddysLilGirl

    DaddysLilGirl New Member

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    I don't think that's strange at all. My master is like that. I love it. It's a fabulous switch from a gentle amazing man to perfect in bed.

    Mind you, yoh may have the tendency to attract doms tho.
  3. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    we had a whole thread about this, if doms seemed like domiants and if subs seemed like submissives, and there was a huge variety of answers

    so... no its not weird
  4. Frostig

    Frostig Member

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    Yeah i've noticed that. I just need to practice my social skills. I get nervous from not knowing what to say. My jokes tend to be inside jokes so can't get people to laugh much unless they know me, and most people around me doesn't have interest in the things I do so that boils things down lol. Like I said, completely happy with myself, just don't fit in with people here.

    ...wow thinking out load and getting off my own topic...ha ^.^"

    Edit: didn't think to search for a related thread. Interesting to know that from a number of people.
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  5. P.S.Eudonym

    P.S.Eudonym Member

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    Frostig, BDSM is what you are into, but not who you are. If you do not feel the need or desire to express your dominant side in public, then just don't do it. It may lead to you attracting doms, but everyone has that problem occasionally. I get hit on by gay guys every once in a while , even when my fiancé is right next to me. Being mistaken for something you are not or attracting the wrong interests is no big deal and, if anything, a compliment. And on the upside, some of those guys have become good friends since.

    If you feel that your social skills are lacking, then just go out and practice. Rejection is natural and happens to everyone, so the worst that can happen is that you end up right where you started. The best on the other hand is meeting new people. In my experience, being attentative and simply friendly works just fine. :)
  6. Frostig

    Frostig Member

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    Thanks for the advice :3 I always tell myself people the wont even give me a chance isn't worth my time anyways. Just get bored sitting around home a lot. Doesn't mean I cant go anyways lol

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