what do YOU like about hurting people like me?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by mushroom, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. mushroom

    mushroom New Member

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    Hi, I am an experienced submissive and masochistic female. I understand what I get from being abused and dominated.. but I wanted to know what dominant or sadistic people enjoy about inflicting pain on others? I want to know because it is so far separated from what turns me on. Please answer truthfully, what do you like about hurting someone defenceless and making them submit to you? I hope you don't think badly of us, as you tend to during sex...
    peace, :angel:
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  2. sebastian

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    Mushroom, I enjoy the sense of power and violation that pain play gives me. Intentionally inflicting pain on someone is forbidden, so breaking that rule is empowering. When a boy begs me to stop, I know that I have the choice to stop or keep going, as I see fit, so I know that I'm in charge. When a boy's eyes widen in pain or he starts to whimper, I know he's entirely present and focused on what I'm doing to him, so I can feel a connection to him. And he's lowering his boundaries to me, which means that he's probably starting to let me in emotionally as well as physically. There's something deeply genuine about the whole thing--it's true and honest in a profound way.

    A good dom does not think badly of his subs, although he may be very harsh during play.

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