What do YOU do to your slave/sub?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ThePunishHer, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. ThePunishHer

    ThePunishHer New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Looking for some inspiration, and I wonder what kind of humiliating activities members of this forum undergo as a sub, or demand as a dom.

    Even tough I am pretty new to the scene, I'm already into treating my girlfriend like a piece of shit. Some activities include:
    -Calling her a pig, dog, etc.
    -Very hard anal pounding and assfingering, Ass to mouth/face
    -Leash her tightly
    -Hook her nose and mouth

    What kind of things get you guys off? ;)
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  2. HisFox

    HisFox Member

    Using as an ashtray, spits, slaps on the face, writing things on slave's body, making crawl from one room to another, eat from dog bowls, make sub ask for a permission to eat/speak/stand up/go to the bathroom, not letting clean up your juices for a while (make sure she doesn't have an allergy and such)... A standart set :D

    Maybe you will also enjoy making her act as a dog/pig
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  3. ThePunishHer

    ThePunishHer New Member

    I´ve been thinking on the pig thing for a while.. what can i make her do more than make her wear the obvious pig snout/squeal/walk on fours?

    I'm looking for disgusting and deeply humiliating things.
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  4. HisFox

    HisFox Member

    If you are into piggy-play, if you have a chance you could go find some muddy place in the countryside and make her wallow there, also make some food for her which would look like garbage/waste and make her eat it from the floor/bowl. You could also not let her clean up after she empties herself, if it's not disgusting to yourself.
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  5. war1022

    war1022 New Member

    Wear real short skirts in public. Ride up escalators for good viewing for other people. Most times turns into no panties.

    Wear remote control vibe in panties. You can buy the vibe in the panties in several types. Turn it on before she orders her meal in a place with enough noise to cover the hum. You can turn it on while the waiter is standing there and surprise her. Turn it on before he arrives to take your order and then you take a LONG time to decide what you want. I like to give her an orgasm in the restaurant and then keep turning it on and off. Her clit will be sensitive after the first O and you'll get plenty of squirm.

    Use valet parking with short skirt. I assure you the valet will do his part in looking up her skirt.

    I have many other ideas if you need them. :devil:

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